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Japanese farm pioneered the use of LED lighting

From: Data:29/08/2016


, according to reports humans began using LED lighting on crop cultivation method, operating process of this method is simple, cultivated crops are safe and nutritious, Japan Ibaraki County & ldquo; Noda Tokutaro '; tea processing factory is using this method. Cultivate
Room Temperature Control in 22-23 degrees Celsius, 24 hours of uninterrupted the use of LED lighting, let tea does not stop get light, this nurturing, free from germs and pests, also do not need to spilled pesticide and its nutrients from the installation of automatic spraying device, can always control the dosage of.
the company general manager of Noguchi about from two and a half years ago began to consider tea and tea root as food to eat, and since April last year began batted tea planting method and menu.
usually can be harvested three times a year, while the LED lighting 24 hours of continuous, cultivation speed will reach the original 6 times, one year can be harvested 10 times the tea. This cultivation method is not affected by the seasonal transformation, the harvest of tea can provide the raw material for the production of tea.
it is understood, the light irradiation time cultivate crops in China also have many farmers in the operation, but the LED lamp is relatively small, domestic based on more traditional lamp, however, LED lighting costs down, the country will slowly spread.