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LED daylight lamp - light source development journey comprehensive analysis

From: Data:29/08/2016

the LED fluorescent lamp production and use has been for some years, LED fluorescent lamp beads also experience the by straw hat lamp to COB package of the gradual evolution

, the following briefly narrates the development course.

2008 years ago LED daylight fluorescent lamp tubes, and the main use of straw hat beads in line package, simple process and low light efficiency.

2008 years LED fluorescent lamp began to popularize package SMD using straw hat in line series do accounted for light source LED fluorescent tube ratio decreased sharply, to

2012 years straw hat in line light source series of LED fluorescent lamp in the market has been hard to find the trail. Began in

2009 and 3020, 3014, 3528 and 5050LED beads of light become the market mainstream, and launched a melee, without which a vast

for dominance. 2010 began in enterprises to 5630LED beads to replace 5050 as LED fluorescent lamp light source.

2011 began to 2835, 3030, 3535LED beads packaged in the sun LED tube aluminum substrate, in high-power lamp as source of light

LED fluorescent tubes for compared to the fast growth, which can reduce the cost, and the market of LED fluorescent lamp price pressure is great. Started to

2011 years of COB package application in LED fluorescent lamps in the field, to 2012 years made great progress and predict 2013 years COB package

as the main form, and will put the reduced to 50 yuan of the following LED daylight lamp price is, low price and will promote the popularization of LED fluorescent lamp.