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LED lighting marketing expert interpretation of the four major innovative lighti

From: Data:29/08/2016

1, develop new markets: the mountains to the countryside

when the increasingly fierce competition in the urban market, many enterprises the eyes to the vast villages and towns and rural areas, under the banner of building a new countryside, towns and rural areas of home appliances and lighting products increasing demand, last year the & ldquo; home appliances to the countryside & rdquo; policies to further stimulate this demand. Thus, more companies began large-scale development of three levels of the market marketing campaign. & ldquo start - up of the microwave oven

beauty; fair thousand town, & rdquo; the large villages and towns promotion activities, which is advocated by the United States in the microwave oven National Health cooking popular project, last year in the 1000 Township tour organized activities, Beauty & ldquo; healthy, efficient, fashion & rdquo; microwave culture and modern life idea penetrated into the majority of the township. Beauty of this idea, later as a microwave oven market, in order to maintain the sustainable development, must from before the vicious competition in the industry transformation for the training of users, expand the market, with the aid of & ldquo; home appliances to the countryside & rdquo; downwind, the vast scale of promote the township, the goal is & ldquo; pouring pouring Tree Roots & rdquo; only so as to really close to the township consumers, enterprises can grasp initiative in future market strategy for the 9 billion people.

's rural strategy has a beneficial enlightenment for the lighting industry. In fact, the microwave oven and ordinary lighting products sales prices and consumer groups have not much difference between. When many lighting companies still remain in the city, even Lianxian county city are not involved, some of the pioneers of has in the efforts to open up the market in three or four the. Okes is an important case this year to open up the market. Since the beginning of this year, okes are in the majority of the area of the county held the & ldquo; okes Lighting Culture Festival & rdquo; and loved by the masses of entertainment and promotion, publicity okes brand, sales okes products, in fact, this is a relatively common terminal promoting marketing activities, but okes to do it very unique, very effective, okes sales growth significantly, the next step is to advance to the township and rural. Of course, this is also a certain degree of difficulty for the lighting business. In the mainland of the township, lighting products stores are still rare. However, many lighting companies still stay in a number of central cities held a dealer meeting, the development of the three or four market and even the rural market is simply a dream. This is a strategic thinking of the problem, rather than in the small and medium-sized cities struggling, why not go to the countryside to go first? “ from the countryside surrounding the city of ” also may be the right path of brand growth. 2

, vigorously carry out

marketing for many famous brands, the use of public activities to expand the brand influence and sales has become an effective way. In the & ldquo; fair thousand town, & rdquo; national large villages and towns promotion activities, Midea microwave oven choose part of the township primary school carried out microwave oven campus giveaways; with the activities of carry out & ldquo; send the film to the countryside & rdquo; activities to enrich spiritual and cultural life of rural residents. Similar, since 2006, Skyworth start a & ldquo; Skyworth new rural cinema Engineering & rdquo; big plans, a total investment of 10 million yuan, 600 counties nationwide dispatched more than 4000 Township, for more than 8000 million to 1 million rural audience movie. SKYWORTH also has a partnership with Vatti and the four seasons Mu Song of this project. At the same time, SKYWORTH will host a new rural theater project, in the country will be combined with the promotion of sales and brand promotion in the process of promoting the market sales, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

lighting industry's public marketing activities first of all, it is worth mentioning that, of course, OPPLE, 2007 OPPLE through CCTV's “ Spring Festival Gala - the bright line ” activities get a good reputation.

, however, this kind of public welfare activities, it is best to be able to land, is to be like the United States, such as SKYWORTH consumers in the middle. Last year, the Beijing Olympics will during okes held landing public welfare activities, in some underdeveloped areas free products to farmers and schools. Always take the invisible channels NVC began to emerge, to strengthen the promotion of the ground. This year the NVC launched & ldquo; light action & rdquo; promotion of energy-saving lamps, to carry out a large scale of the public welfare activities & ldquo; bright line & rdquo; support rural education. This activity not only is to expand the brand influence of NVC, for NVC deepening in the third and fourth level market channel construction is of great benefit. Almost at the same time, also let the public welfare activities landing, in Shandong Province to carry out the & ldquo; Yimeng bright line & rdquo; activities to help cataract patients back to health. In fact, we can see that the above public welfare activities, but also the development of these enterprises in three or four markets and rural markets in a way. Rely on conventional means to develop the brand concept of weak rural markets is a difficult thing, and public welfare activities is often the strength of the enterprise to be carried out, this kind of activity is likely to become them to develop the rural market astepping stone to success. Good use of mass marketing

in the lighting industry to

3, city of lamps and lanterns, Lamps City is the mainstream channels, most of the products are out by Lamps City sales. With the increase in the number of lamps and other channels of competition intensifies, Lamps City is also facing the problem of marketing innovation. On this forum, representatives of Harbour City Hongkong introduced the marketing practices of Harbour City. These practices have a good reference value for the marketing of lamps and lanterns city.

Hong Kong Harbour City as Hong Kong's largest shopping center, in the growing competition in the market, the successful application of commodity combination strategy, operation strategy and promotion strategy, the consolidation of market position and improve. These three strategies, simply say is may choose marketable commodities, improved the mall management and service, strengthen external advertising as much as possible.

lamps and lanterns are all residents of daily consumer goods, but also art and technology of mass consumer goods, around the lamps city should seize these factors, good use and play, like Hong Kong Harbour City as in form of promotion of Lamps City to promote sales of lamps and lanterns, manufacturers, merchants and Lamps City win win win. Some advanced lighting city in these areas have been shown. Beijing colliers, Chengdu Golden House and in the choice of the approach lighting brands, varieties and quality are more and more & ldquo; picky & rdquo; to ensure reasonable goods to meet consumer demand, adapt to the trend of the consumption; Chongqing Oriental Lighting Plaza, strengthen market management and improve service levels; Zhengzhou Jintai into model contest and lighting culture festival held, Beijing Shilihe Lighting City held & ldquo; spring action & rdquo; public welfare activities, and so on, these practices are well expanded public lamps city influence, and promote the sales of lamps and lanterns. Of course, a comprehensive shopping center and a lot of successful experience is worth Lighting City, Lamps City around should be good at learning, so for the lighting of the brand is also of great benefit. 4

, building a new vendor partnership

whether it is home appliance industry or lighting industry, almost all plagued by the conflict of manufacturers. In the lighting industry as an example, this year the biggest event Mo too NVC lighting and Zhejiang operations center Huace linkage mechanism of dispute, NVC in Zhejiang operations center after the revocation of the established directly under the Zhejiang branch, the branch in the presence of other lighting business is part of. So, to the lighting industry for cooperation between manufacturers put forward new problems, new channels is immutable and frozen, or? Although currently in the channel model, the lighting industry has not much action, but for the future, the two sides can not do without thinking.

the United States in the process of promoting the microwave oven, proposed to establish a wide range of Associate Companies initiatives. Midea microwave oven will promote the channel change is the original & ldquo; administrative standard & rdquo; management improvement as & ldquo; market orientation & rdquo; management, before the United States and the attention is market share, dealers care is the net income, which is often produce conflict of two kinds of demands. Associate Companies set up, the local offices and dealers two forces close bite. The United States and the Associate Companies signed a contract with the dealer for 5 years, equivalent to 5 years to give the dealer contract period, so he dared to plan, dare to invest.

and Midea microwave oven Galanz opponent, the establishment of a wide range of & ldquo; joint venture subsidiary & rdquo; completely out of the traditional marketing center and office management mode, all sales subsidiaries have the qualification of independent legal person, this also means that each subsidiary has on the local market management decision-making power, can operate independently, assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses. &ldquo

; previously, the vendor is trading relations, a hammer trading, and now, this relationship has not adapted to the needs of the new situation. Our future model of cooperation is to build a business model of sustainable profitability, sustainable development and business relations. & rdquo; Du Jianjun said & ldquo; channel innovation is a kind of inevitable competition, reform should be to enhance the competitiveness of the premise, to free and voluntary principle, safe and controllable, energetic, sustainable and healthy is the essence of the channel change.

; &rdquo for the lighting industry, there are a number of important marketing innovation ideas, such as the expansion of invisible channels and project sales. Since the beginning of this year, not only NVC, Mitsuo commercial lighting engineering enterprise widely held decoration designers, forums and other activities to expand the channels of stealth marketing and major project bidding, Op also strengthened the contact channels of marketing work, set up a project sales department, extensive contact with the decoration designers, commercial lighting products promotion; and Vanke to achieve procurement cooperation, with the help of Vanke Real estate sales of home lighting products, this project marketing strategy worthy of reference other household lighting companies. Honeywell Lonon this year to become the Guangzhou Yuexiu Urban Construction Group real estate only lamps suppliers, Qilang lighting has become Shanghai Star River Club products supplier.