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Save small coup LED

From: Data:29/08/2016

life save money coup each friend, although the dribs and drabs, but as you do, a year down can also save a large sum of wealth. Life tips to save money can teach you to easily save money, and can nourish life, kill two birds with one stone, the following intuitive share life save money coup led lighting articles. Let you be clear at a glance.

with the implementation of the price ladder, some household electricity costs also increased the number of. In household electricity, the power of the time the longest to lighting lamp; the largest number, but also the number of lighting lamps and lanterns, as little more than a dozen lanterns, dozens of lights. According to the average household use of 5 electric lights, use 6 hours a day, 1 kwh of electricity 0.5 yuan residents estimate. (Minimum Statistics)

home lighting lamp of different cost:

by above, we can see the visual emblem Bo LED lamps save money effect, the details determine success or failure, in order to save our very careful in reckoning, electricity costs. People, save money in the same time, in 8 years, a total reduction of about 2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, but also to create a low-carbon society to contribute to the creation of.