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LED display GPRS control card working principle (original)

From: Data:29/08/2016

most of us LED display GPRS control card users have some of the same experience, LED display GPRS control card is easy to use, is not limited to the distance limit, without geographical restrictions, at any time can be the content you want to send to the specified screen. Different experience, how all of a sudden I screen query not online, why I play screen mobile phone card is through, we can't show, I in the software operation query control card is online, but the screen why not bright? This series of questions, may today and share with you the LED GPRS display control card can be released from the working principle of radio program:

first finished LED display is composed of the following:
A, LED hardware module;
B, LED display GPRS control card;
D, 5V40A power supply; power line;
E cable;
F, waterproof box or simple box;
, LED GPRS display control card also need to install a GPRS open flow can be normal use SIM mobile phone card;

LED display GPRS control need business card printing work software
A, fixed IP or domain name is used to set up the server;
B, LED GPRS display control card photo editing software;

LED GPRS display control card principle of wireless distance sending is: when we are in graphic editing software It is good information editing, click send program. This program is first feed back to the server. The server then with the fastest speed to find the number corresponding to the ID, the information issued, received by the flow of our mobile phone SIM card to display to LED screen. It is easy to understand, such as you to Xiaomei call me, when you on the phone to pull out 15814600351 press key switch on, the call quickly through China mobile station to find my position, connect my telephone. So we can call it.

LED GPRS display control card common solution:
A, my screen suddenly not online &mdash query; — if it is at the beginning or end of the time, you can check the mobile phone card traffic cost is sufficient, whether it is deducted monthly packages caused not online;
B, why do I hit the screen in mobile phone card is, but can't show — — — this type of problem, you can check the server or domain name IP whether there are changes, if there is no change, please check the adequacy of power supply control card;
C, software operation query control card is online, but the screen why not bright — — such problems, there may be a control card on your computer in the clock and time inconsistency, can query the clock clock can be checked, if this problem In addition to was not bright, you can into graphics operation software automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, to see whether the display time and off screen time adjustment disorder, there was a customer appeared night time set tail. During the day time set off screen action and adjustment after re write control card configuration was OK.