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Design scheme of synchronous control system for LED display

From: Data:29/08/2016

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LED display from the communication control method can be classified as synchronous control mode and asynchronous control mode. The control mode of real-time communication between PC machine and screen is synchronous control mode. PC machine will display the information editor sent to the display, and can run independently, known as asynchronous control mode.
below to give you a brief introduction to the host computer based on the synchronous display of information display design.
1, the first step in the design of the system as a whole
, input interface circuit, and from graphics in real-time extraction of a VGA monochrome digital video signal, a pixel clock, frame synchronization, synchronization, processing after the completion of the output from the output medium;
in the second step, is an electric circuit to the image signal transmission medium to be sent over the selection, storage, read, distribution, conversion into the corresponding to the LED screen display signal data conversion and signal control circuit;
the third step, is receiving conversion of full color LED display signal and assigned to pixels corresponding to the LED dot matrix screen, drive LED display scanning driving circuit.
2, display control circuit
display control circuit, in the way of VGA. When color VGA display, video memory to a selected palette registers of the color signal, when the palette registers is selected, will produced a choice digital to analog converter DAC color register eight index address, again from the 18 groups of a total of 256 DAC color register, select a color register, after the 18 bit digital signals from analog to digital conversion, converted to analog signal of the red, green and blue colours, send analog monitor, scanning to achieve the graphics output.