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Baoan District Shenzhen plans to carry out LED transformation of 20 thousand str

From: Data:29/08/2016

recently from Baoan District City, Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau was informed that the next 2 years, Baoan urban management will be the 20 thousand main road street lights for LED transformation.

high-pressure sodium lamp and LED lamp light effect comparison of

it is understood, Baoan District and strive to two years in batches to complete the established transformation tasks. Transformation is divided into three parts:

one is the transformation of urban landscape lights. Before the end of 2013 to complete the building landscape lighting LED promotion tasks;

two is the main road street lamps transformation. Before the end of 2013 completed 107 State Road, South to the first checkpoint & mdash; Airport Road, Baoan Avenue Metro Inspection Station & mdash; Airport Tunnel and the airport tunnel LED street lamp lighting promotion; by the end of 2015 completed 107 State Road, airport & mdash; Songgang paragraph, precious stones intact the promotion of LED lighting; Baoan airport road tunnel to Songgang paragraph to be Subway No. 11 line was finished after the implementation;

large area installed LED street lamp renderings

on the energy saving targets.