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LED lighting promotion new model

From: Data:29/08/2016

Philips power New World (6.31, 0.06, 0.96%) department led lighting upgrade project <> technology products of commercial application and promotion of popularity is inseparable from the synergy of industry chain, is also inseparable from the relevant support policies and innovative business models. How to vigorously promote energy-saving products and projects, and to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win industry chain parties, the new world department store LED lighting upgrade project to give the industry a good inspiration.

recently, New World Department Store Co., Ltd. China and Philips jointly organized & ldquo; introduction of new world department store LED lighting upgrade project & rdquo; to the industry share by Philips to undertake new world department store 15 branches LED lighting upgrade project to bring commercial value and innovation model.

it is understood that the new world department store LED lighting upgrade renovation project has two innovative highlights.

, the project adopts the LED lighting alternative to the traditional lighting, for the sustainable development of the domestic retail industry provides valuable experience & mdash; & mdash; by Philips LED lights of the rich performance, improve the internal environment of the new world department store, for consumers to create a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience, more important is its every department store a year to save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in electricity, saving the cost, enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

, on the other hand, due to the introduction of the implementation of the project contract energy management model (EMC), new world department store without in the prophase investment funds, but through the lighting system upgrade the savings in electricity to pay the cost of renovation, to ease the pressure on the input of the early businesses.



in the department store industry, 50% of the energy costs are related to lighting. Therefore, it is one of the most effective means to reduce the operation cost of the department store by using more efficient and more efficient lighting solutions.

as energy-saving products, the new LED lights than the original traditional lighting products have a significant energy saving. & ldquo; to us for in the new century (8.91, 0.14, 1.60%) department store offers GreenSpace second-generation products as an example, the energy efficiency of the system can reach 80 lumens /watt (LM /W). Therefore, this product can really do single lamp than the traditional plug and tube energy-saving lamps 70%. ” PHILPS lighting China business director Zhu Wenqin told the China Times reporter.

it is understood that the store for the store lighting, energy saving lamps are generally two to three years to be replaced once. Then the use of LED replacement in the end can bring to the enterprise how much the actual cost savings?

in the new world department store lighting renovation project construction responsible person interview, the reporter got the answer. 15 stores, a year of maintenance costs, including material costs and labor costs, can save about 900 thousand yuan; not only that, over the past year, a total of 15 stores to save electricity more than 55%, up to 10 million yuan. It is understood that from October last year to the present, the failure rate of the entire project is about 1%, but not the quality of LED lights, but because of the construction inside the line of contact problems. And, according to the contract, within five years, the replacement of the new world department store is free of charge.

in store sales, with LED lights replaced the original energy-saving lamps, will not affect the mall's normal business, and will not in line construction and renovation and exists large quantity, difficulty, high cost problems become issues of concern to the new world department store before.

& ldquo />; we consider to the original line of load, and can actually be installed lights and many factors, we in the design of LED products wattage, open, connection position as far as possible to ensure that on line originally has a row of good, big adjustments and changes. As a result, to reduce the complexity of the project and construction costs. ” Zhu Wenqin said, “ in addition, we used the product to maintain the same as the traditional lamps with the opening size, you can directly replace the original use of the lamps and lanterns, very convenient. Since & rdquo;

and it is understood, the project from last year began to implement, the whole project construction are arranged into play at night, daytime clearance, as far as possible to ensure does not affect the new world department store daily normal business. And transformation of the entire project rarely changes, retain the original circuit, a lamp tube, a switch, according to the original light fixtures, including open hole and a lamp hole tailored LED products and the construction difficulty becomes simple. The popularity of LED


the new world department store lighting upgrade project is actually to provide an experimental sample of large-scale commercial LED.

energy transformation, energy management concept into China for a long time, but really in the field of lighting to achieve or go relatively slow, especially commercial lighting is relatively slow. LED, as a new thing, although it has the advantages of long life, energy consumption, but due to the lack of successful business cases, it has affected the market for its large-scale promotion and commercial. &ldquo

; using the LED effect in the end how? You may be in the laboratory, or you in the 50 meters, 100 meters of the store in the experimental results come out that it is good. But real in 15 nearly 80 million square metres of space, in different regions (such as the North West to the city of Mianyang, northeast to the Shenyang, South in Ningbo, Nanjing) across seven or eight Province, time, temperature and the region, the climate is very different situation, do the implementation of the transformation of the effect of what will happen? In fact, through the final effect can be seen, 15 stores have reached our expectations. ” Zhu Wenqin said.

Zhu Wenqin told reporters that: “ 15 department stores to achieve more than 55% of the energy saving, the new world department store in Chongwen through the upgrading of the transformation, lighting energy saving up to 73%. This data to the industry to answer the questions of concern to the industry, such as LED products can not achieve this effect, energy saving effect, and the effect of lighting is not able to match, and so on? New world department store in the department store industry is a leading enterprise, LED lighting in the new world department store's successful application to the department store retail industry provides a good example of success, for the popularity of LED provides a good sample. & rdquo; < Shenzhen GCL is investment service providers, as a professional energy management services company, from the early monitoring until the installation, maintenance of the whole in. PHILPS is the lighting solution provider, providing professional lighting solutions, and for all aspects of the contract energy management mode, with the corresponding products, services and resources. New world department store is the ultimate user, is the carrier of the application of lighting solutions. Each side is indispensable in the whole chain.

& ldquo />; EMC is a new energy-saving mechanism of the operation of the market based on, its core is & lsquo; my investment, energy-saving, divided into & rsquo; that is, with units without investment, energy service companies invested to upgrade equipment, after the completion of the project in order to save costs of energy use (such as electricity) to recover the full cost of project investment and realize profits. ” general manager of Shenzhen GCL wisdom energy limited Mr. Zhang Jianyuan told the "China Times" reporter. &ldquo

; we are very satisfied with the results of the implementation of the project. Only Beijing new world department store, which through the lighting upgrade, a year can save electricity nearly 2 million yuan, the effect is very significant. Through the use of contract energy management, the new world department stores do not need to assume the implementation of energy saving funds, and can reduce the cost of energy faster and longer, effectively implement energy saving and carbon reduction. ” north of the new world department store in North China regional general manager Wang Ying said two.

asked about how to prepare to take this model on a large scale to promote open, Jian Yuan Zhang said that a commercial success, teamwork is very important, the team may have professional investment, technology and related service type, we cooperate with each other and complement each other. For example, we and the new world department store, PHILPS, is a team of several parties to work together. &ldquo

; the results of the past year are encouraging, and ultimately prove that this business model is feasible and successful, but also can be copied. From the project operation point of view, we really do the three party win effect. In addition to the new world department store, Philips in other projects have also will continue to conduct, we strive for to the success of the business continue to do so. ” Zhu Wenqin said.

& ldquo />; in the fierce competition in the domestic retail industry, new world department store as China's leading department store chain, in addition to the own continue to enhance the core competitiveness. We also have a lot of social responsibility, including the important task of sustainable development. LED lighting upgrade to improve the shopping environment, so that our environment more attractive, more environmentally friendly. In the economy, we must be the cost of the province, in the social benefits, we are also actively doing the pioneer of green. ” Wang Ying said.