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LED big screen to ensure the quality of several major factors

From: Data:29/08/2016

LED big screen quality assurance factors
with the level of human life and technology to improve the progress, application of LED large screen in the community has been more and more widely. However, after the purchase of LED large screen, how to ensure application of LED large screen can be a very good? LED big screen quality to ensure that several major factors have?
first, the impact of complex temperature on the LED large screen. LED display on the ambient temperature is very critical, in theory at room temperature about 25 degrees, the ideal working state. But in fact, outdoor display in the application of environmental temperature quite complex, the summer maximum temperature may be in more than 60 degrees, the minimum temperature in winter may be below - 20 DEG C, under the temperature of the ups and downs of the work of LED large screen quality has great influence. Under different temperature conditions, the red, green and blue three lamp brightness decay and decline is different, at 25 DEG C, the white balance is normal, but at 60 DEG C, the brightness of three color LED have declined, and the attenuation values are not consistent, so will produce the entire screen brightness decline and partial color phenomena, the entire screen quality will decline, and high temperature, LED large screen in the IC will because the temperature is too high caused instability, or the temperature drift of different arising between channels or a current sheet difference is too large to Huaping. So the constant temperature is the most important.
followed by the importance of power. Due to power under different temperature conditions, the working stability of the output voltage, value and load capacity will vary, because it bears the function of the logistics, so its support capability directly affect the screen quality. Due to the different performance and stability, different brands and specifications of the power supply equipment prices also have this considerable difference. So in the choice, be sure to pay attention to the power and performance of the match.
finally is the box design for the display is very important, on the one hand, it is the role of circuit protection, on the other hand is the role of safety, but also the role of dust, waterproof. But more important is the ventilation cooling system design is good, with the extension of the boot time and the outside temperature, the thermal drift of components will increase, which leads to poor image quality. Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an essential index for the design of the box.
however, for some of the high visibility of the LED large screen business, the enterprise as a brand for life, will not be easy for short-term interests and hurt their own brand image. So in the choice of LED large screen is the best choice of well-known brands. All of the above are important factors to ensure the LED big screen, hope that the majority of customers to learn.