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Analysis of LED lighting "praised" behind the success of his

From: Data:29/08/2016

the middle of last month, the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries jointly announced the "semiconductor lighting industry planning", clearly put forward: by 2015, more than 60 watt incandescent bulbs will stop production and sale; LED lighting industry output value at an average annual growth of about tL%, in 2015 will reach: FCC billion yuan, the LED lighting application products will be reached 1.1 billion yuan.
a time, domestic LED lighting industry with joy, as if already ushered in the LED lighting industry & ldquo; class good times two things really so simple? A planning can break the industrial development in the bottle Yi?? in fact. Only when the industry to break the development of several nephew orange. Maybe they will usher in the spring. Since
note embarrassed status
lamp price is too expensive a fresh bottle green lighting does not appeal to the audience in 1879 Edison invented the incandescent lamp, electric lighting technology has been in progress, and LED lighting is the latest & ldquo; beloved., known as the green lighting, is an emerging industry. However, LED lighting products “ gate ’ obviously, the price is too expensive. Reporters learned in Suzhou area of a large city, decoration lamps and lanterns shop, a Jiangsu provincial financial subsidies brand 8W energy saving lamp, the retail price of 8.6 yuan. If you catch the financial subsidies to promote activities, local residents per person can buy no more than 10 energy-saving lamps; and specifications of the same brand 3W LED lamp brightness almost, in the market price but 50 yuan a, two kinds of light source, the price quite Yu Shu. & quot; 8W energy saving lamps home generally play used twenty
only, a lamp more thirty or forty dollars. Attack repair when one input is very mu & rsquo; the salesperson told reporters, LED lamp is power, home
people buy lamps to save money when tariffs do not know for how long the. ’ the brand lighting dealers through the ears, at present they sell in the Suzhou market, the traditional energy-saving lamps accounted for nearly half of the LED lamp and less than one percent.
in the opinion of China Lighting Association consultant Zhang Hailuo, currently some manufacturers in the promotion of LED lights, laboratory in the best results, estimates the cost with the traditional lighting. Ordinary products compared, this is unscientific.
applauded not necessarily popular, leading technology products through the cold is not uncommon in the market. More environmentally friendly, more energy. The overall operation of the social more favorable & mdash; this feature LED lights, in economics known as. Is externalities. If only life market to adjust the second positive externalities & rsquo; make the market production of F is less than is socially desirable F. western economists think, this case can let the government only
& ldquo; visible hand & rsquo; play a role or through the market operation mechanism of the innovative design to & ldquo; positive externalities. Internalization of income, thereby encouraging generate positive externalities of economic activity.
cost strategy
technology breakthrough of new nanocrystalline breakthrough industrial development problem whether it has passed the & ldquo; inflection point. Local LED lighting leading enterprises & mdash; Suzhou nanojoin photonics Co., Ltd. recently appropriate cloth, they produce LED light-emitting chip luminous efficiency reached 180 lumens per watt! This in the industry not excited to & ldquo; surprised ground, & rsquo; insiders are clear general what that means.
LED, Professor of Taiwan University of science and technology industry renowned scholars. Hong Qing entangles the assertion. When the LED chip light emitting efficiency can reach 180 lumens per watt, will be