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LED can not only play energy-saving licensing

From: Data:29/08/2016

is now referred to LED is energy saving, long life. For a family, the electricity used for lighting only a very small part of the cost of living, saving more than ten dollars a year to ordinary consumers can not touch. LED energy-saving licensing, is not a good hand.

LED lighting should not only play the energy card, but also play the green card. A waste of energy-saving lamps with an average of about 0.5 mg of mercury, enough to pollute about 180 tons of water and the surrounding soil. Due to the energy saving lamp recycling link there is a gap, the most likely to be a waste of social “ large resource ”, far greater than the savings of “ small energy ”. And LED lighting does not exist in this area of the problem.

second, LED lighting to play the health card. Modern medicine and painting theory has long been proved that color and light, also on the human physiological, psychological impact. It not only affects people's visual nerves, but also affect the heart, endocrine function, central nervous system and other activities. LED multi color, just can be combined with the different needs of people to design and install.

LED lighting can also play art licensing. LED chip product is very small, very thin, can change the shape of various shapes, so the design of the product design can vary. Today's art lighting wall, art park lighting, art fluorescent screen and even the Spring Festival evening show the art of dance are all through the LED lighting to achieve.

LED lighting can be integrated into more features, these features and elements will give LED lighting more content and culture, will enhance the quality of life of people. Traditional lighting has only a single lighting function, but the LED in the future will into intelligent lighting, communications, security, air purification, plant breeding etc. more new technology, new culture, new elements and new features.