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To ensure the quality of LED display products, aging testing is essential to a w

From: Data:29/08/2016

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where electronic products, aging and testing, especially new products and to evaluate new components or the whole performance, aging and testing is essential for a process. In daily life people used to called aging test, in fact, aging and testing are two different concepts. In the field of LED display, has always been to test after aging test is the function and nature of the detection screen, common a scan test (also known as grid test), gray measurement test and hue test.
test after the completion of the simulation customers screen in the complex working environment for a long time for the screen lit, and observe the screen body is dead lights and weld anomalies such as this process is called ageing. LED display various types of unit in aging time are as follows:
indoor full color display: 72 hours more than
outdoor full color display:
for more than 72 hours semi outdoor /outdoor single double color display:
48 hours or more actually, if set according to the time of aging products ex factory date this is incorrect, be sure to be aging performance of the products into the stable interval after the factory. This way can reduce the rate of repair of the screen.