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Interpretation of domestic LED display industry supply and demand development ch

From: Data:29/08/2016

in recent years,

domestic LED display industry developed rapidly, becoming one of the world's important LED display production base. outdoor full color LED display screen with the development of society and continuous innovation and development, in the promotion of LED display, the user's requirements on the LED display is also more and more high requires not only led display can adapt to all kinds of weather conditions; LED display ultra-thin (light weight), energy saving, special-shaped personalized.

the demand change is mainly reflected in the following aspects: increasing security risks led box screen

1. past, weight and installation not convenient and influence the customer demand for LED, but used more and more widely, so future ultra-thin LED display screen will become the mainstream.

2, energy saving and environmental protection has gradually become the first choice for the majority of people, to reduce the cost of obtaining the maximum profit is the business needs. There are issues of light pollution, LED display manufacturers is also to be solved, the lowest energy consumption, the best picture is the most important.

3, now in addition to the usual square LED display , in order to meet requirements of a variety of is gradually some abnormity screen, along with the increasing of all aspects of LED display screen, the future will be increasingly shaped screen.

although domestic full-color LED display industry many skills and levels of production technology and international advanced level has a certain distance, most companies lack there was very little independent intellectual property rights of the core technologies and industrial planning. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of users more and more high demand, as the LED display manufacturers must strengthen technological innovation and R & D strength, good quality management.

strengthen professional standards of construction, establish the quality evaluation of the scientific basis

standard chemical standard malls create difficulties, improve the professional quality of the commodity level, promote the occupation of all carried out with important effect, so it is necessary to strengthen professional standards for the construction, develop the skills standards. Which contains a variety of useful LED display screen standards, special shaped LED display screen standard, construction equipment inspection standards, etc.. After standard shopping malls, so that the product is not the same level, not the same as the needs of different occasions, together with the goods can not be qualified to make a living, so that the occupation health.

strengthen industry exchanges and cooperation

LED display merchandise touch materials science, optics, computer, television and electronic skills, so the industry because of enhanced cooperation with upstream and downstream companies and research organizations, make full use of existing research results and quickly showing progress in vocational skills.

increase skill innovative

current industry shows the same skills, product homogeneity, lack of innovation, does not have the core competitiveness. And innovation is an important guarantee for the enterprise to produce new economic growth point and keep the sustainable vitality. LED display industry future development potential is infinite, the state and local government on the development of LED display industry to from a strategic height to give active policy support, encouraging technical innovation, support small and medium-sized companies development, project financing, construction project management standards, supervision and other aspects of skills, develop scientific, objective, is conducive to the industry to carry out detailed guidelines.

LED display manufacturers to strengthen the company's inductive nature of the promotion, according to the existing skills and commercial foundation, strengthen core competitiveness, to the innovative development of rich industrial circles, active exploration of the restructuring of the company and of the capital markets effectively using, continued into the company in the long time development to.