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2013LED industry new standards

From: Data:30/08/2016

with the view of 2013LED lighting industry 3 guidelines

these years LED industry practitioners witnessed the beacon Langyan of LED lighting industry, the 2013 new year will come, 2013LED will crazy dancing?? Lighting companies how to deal with 2013, let us look at the 3 major 2013LED lighting industry guide.

don't forget the soul of the enterprise not greedy for good water

with the recent countries continue to provide favorable policies of environmental protection and energy saving, prompting many LED lighting business and seemed to see the power led a wave of brutal growth. But past market to we summed up, good policy even more in good, but enterprise must grasp their product quality, improve the quality of service to ensure normal delivery cycle, this is the enterprise must adhere to the fundamental.

surprisingly innovation zhaoshu industry specializing in <"good policy is certainly a good thing, but in the LED market homogenization serious period, if the lack of good technical personnel market and product planning manager, lack of product strategy, with only behind the leading enterprise of imitation." In the economic crisis, the market is shrinking, the same product, service in the same market naturally lead to lower profits. So, how to deal with the addition of cost control and technological innovation, differentiation is undoubtedly an important part of.

"at any time, the lighting field has the chance of success, the key is the survival of the fittest. If you want to be successful, in lighting field competition and motivation of tear hole, it must be through competitive differentiation to create their own core competitiveness, the so-called strategy is to be different, to differentiation, for example, product differentiation, channel differentiation, market differentiation, sowing differentiation. " A LED business manager says so.

to talk about the difference in service". A LED company recently launched a "free delivery, free installation, 90 days service" business philosophy. The company said it wants to build a global photovoltaic supermarket mode first brand, will be open to the community in the community, to achieve the goal of opening 1000 stores in China in the future". This can not help but make people think of the end of last year, Toshiba, Japan began to implement the "LED ceiling free warranty five years" strategy. Free warranty or refunding or are required based on the confidence of their own products, the industry's responsibility.

professional to create a brand; aiming at high value added

at the same time, "the more intense competition, the more you have to learn how to survive, not greedy, not big, do fine, do only." One such manager reminds us of this. For example, Gree, an air conditioner products do 100 billion yuan, JDB a red herbal tea cans do 20 billion yuan. Not to mention Coca-Cola. This explains what, it does not need to take a diversified, professional still can do bigger and stronger, especially the more mature period of the industry, the more specialized the advantages of strength will be highlighted.

in 2013, pairwise grafting, can integrate resources, but for enterprises, and strive to achieve fine professionals are the primary weapon. In this regard, the association of general electric Welch Jack also said that if a business can not be done before three, then it will be mercilessly sold, but also stressed the importance of specialization.

at the same time, timely to the high added value product conversion or necessary cause for concern and attention, in contrast, neighboring Japan's current market, "absolutely not rely on the government to set off the energy-saving frenzy will survive the nest alone under the banner of the name of the energy-saving, promote LED lighting in advance into the Japanese policy making high durable goods popularization too fast, will ultimately destroy the entire lighting industry" Japanese media commented. And Japan market price of rapid whereabouts of the LED lighting business environment with Japanese companies decline strong flat-panel TVs are very similar. "If the LED makes the product life cycle, the replacement of the tube and replacement and other stable demand will not be expected."

perhaps, to usher in the spring of Chinese led enterprise, steadily forward at the same time, how early layout or to differentiation or high added value product conversion seemed to be referring to Japanese companies have a lesson.