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Intelligent LED lighting with the Tao energy conservation 70%

From: Data:30/08/2016

with powder in Jinhua City, LED strip left tunnel lighting recently in will County Huaiwan yellow line Jiangling built. Kin Road lighting to achieve the energy saving and emission reduction of historical sacrifice breakthrough. Also in LED packaging adhesive is a great challenge and good LED packaging adhesive decided the quality of LED lamps and lanterns, and the lifetime of the
Huaiwan line is spell county leading to the surrounding counties and cities & ldquo; four doors. The north gate. 2011 full-length 1912 metres yellow Siling hard road, across the board through. Over for Ann and Dongyang two mutual exchanges to climb the history of industry of poverty ridge. In 2012 the bidding of mechanical and electrical engineering tunnel launched. By the Zhejiang Desheng new energy Polytron Technologies Inc to provide the lighting. LED can not be built to achieve the tunnel lighting energy saving more than 75% years.5 brightness reduction.
the company's Engineer Rui Zemiao introduced. Yellow Qiling tunnel segment in only the half light of the cheerful situation, delta brightness reached 1.99 candela, square meters. Has exceeded: 5 Hom hurriedly pull production square meters of the design standards. And in health basic segment and strengthen section, companies use, 0 watts and 150 Watt led Xiao road lights instead of the traditional kill watt and 400 Watt sodium lamp. Greatly save Yan Ming costs. and。 The tunnel lamp with t the intelligent control system side. Gansu crossing section of the brightness of the light can automatically adjust according to the outdoor light. And the Tsuen section of the traffic and will automatically brighten, traffic, small will automatically dims.
lighting experts pointed out. With a broken type LED tunnel lamp praise for traditional sodium lamp, is road Sheng Yan Ming of the direction of development of energy-saving. Desheng company research and development of LED tunnel lamp to the low efficient and intelligent dual regulation, energy-saving effect, the realization of the abandoned is the green lighting. Besides, due to greatly improve the brightness. It is also a in some strange degree reduce Gansu traffic accident. Will