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Intelligent LED street light "warm" a city

From: Data:30/08/2016

nightfall, Guancheng venture Road on both sides of the bright warm yellow light source, the whole road is quiet and peaceful. This street lamp in the traffic peak stage extremely bright, in the low peak stage will darken in the heavy rain days and fog days will automatically light up.

this is completed by the end of the PR Chuangye road led street lamp intelligent lighting energy-saving renovation project, the project just Guancheng million streetlight renovation project one, then after 10 days, the entire PR Street will all be the intelligent LED street lamp to replace. By the end of the year, the city's main road, sub trunk roads, roads, residential areas of all street lights will be replaced by this intelligent LED street lights.

in fact, many people have long been concerned about this intelligent street lamps. After the transformation of the later someone told her, which is at the end of the just installed intelligent LED street lamp, a lamp lit can reduce the load voltage. Liu Xiaojie carefully observed after the transformation of the street lights, look like a tennis racket, not only to illuminate the scope of the road than before the wide, yellow light effect so that passers-by eyesight is not fatigue, look at things more clearly than before.

this feeling, for often in this one a section of a highway patrol police Xiao Cai feeling is quite deep & ldquo; from a security point of view, use the yellow light LED street lamp, compared to the previous brightness is improved, in rain and fog the poor weather conditions, penetration is better, more conducive to driving members in a timely manner to discover and handle traffic and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. & rdquo;

, in fact, is not only the road of entrepreneurship, Guancheng Sports Road and Xueyuan Road road in the yellow light LED lamp. In May last year, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and has issued "to promote the use of LED lighting products of the implementation of the programme", explicitly in the future by the government or state-owned capital investment in the construction of the public lighting field, uniform use of LED lighting products.

Dongguan schedule is: by the end of 2013, the roads and slip roads, residents living in the area of LED street lamp lighting rate of 100%, landscape lighting and public indoor lighting using LED lighting products for more than 90%.

Jingdu million Beacon Street reconstruction project is in response to the province, city to promote the use of LED lighting products, energy-saving emission reduction measures. The project construction side said, probably in mid May and the end of May, the PR 1 million LED lights transformation will be completed, at the appointed time, more people can experience the changes brought about by the LED street lamp.

make things LED street lamp & ldquo; Wisdom & rdquo; for the project of Rong the energy technology group, a technical staff said, PR of the street lamp control system is they and foreign networking giant echelon, France SLV development with the, the core technology is & ldquo; multistage automatic relay function intelligent chip & rdquo; can independently detect and control each lamp lights, while remote management control, detection and measurement, each intelligent server can be 150 street lamp control at the same time.

& ldquo />; will the IOT application into the LED street lamp, can individually change light source, power, according to the different periods, road traffic flow changes, in a specific region and time for precise control of lighting, to meet the normal demand to achieve maximum energy saving and emission reduction. ” the technical staff said.

at the same time, the system will also rely on Internet of things technology, in the LED street lamp management system inside the implanted fault alarm, and in the street lamp facilities set up road environmental monitoring, air quality monitoring, video surveillance, and other various business functions access port, is a kind of wisdom city lighting system.

the great wisdom of urban transformation

; I heard that the transformation of Dongguan LED street is very advanced, today specially come to see. & rdquo; China Illuminating Engineering Society of outdoor lighting professional committee director, East China Architectural Design Institute consultants chief engineer Li Guobin said, he felt LED lights on the road of entrepreneurship is: Street clarity and uniformity is very good, it seems to be a lot brighter.

“ the national standard is 10-15 (Lux illumination unit), how much do you do? ” Li Guobin asked the construction unit.

construction unit general manager Lee Chi Hung said: & ldquo; in the entrepreneurial road such two-way four lane has been done in the 35 lux. ”

Li Guobin asked: “ this is more than the national standard, and excessive lighting will produce a waste, it is not conducive to energy saving and emission reduction. ”

Li Zhixiong said that although Dongguan's street lamps are higher than the national standard, but in the same energy consumption under the R & D results. “ LED lights are light, a few years may not reach the national standard. If the illumination of the stock to do a little higher, you can extend the use of the term, which is reasonable to improve. & rdquo;

& ldquo />; and in the next few years, even with the decay, the regulation of space also than the market similar products. In fact, the core of the program is to reduce excessive lighting. ” Li Zhixiong made a further explanation.

"& ldquo; Twelfth Five Year Plan & rdquo; urban green lighting plan" task is responsible for Zhao Jianping learned, Dongguan LED streetlight renovation of the & ldquo; contract energy management (EMC) model & rdquo; i.e., the government need not a penny, enterprise to undertake the project all investment, construction and contract period of operation and maintenance services. In this way, the enterprise can only be a street lamp to save electricity to pay all the cost of the project, forcing enterprises to choose the quality of the market behavior, excellent service products.

Zhao Jianping evaluation said: “ this practice in Dongguan, the current capacity of the semiconductor lighting technology industry has a very good role in promoting. ” &ldquo

; Dongguan LED street lamp effect is better than the other cities I have visited, the wisdom of the transformation of urban lighting is very significant. ” Li Guobin added.