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LED display for Ya'an refueling!

From: Data:30/08/2016

Ya'an disaster affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese compatriots! In recent days, from all walks of life or donations or blessing of peace, which is added into the rescue in a different way, mutual support, for ya! Monument for Liberation in Chongqing District Golden Eagle wealth center, a large size LED display “ Ya'an, refueling! Love to help tide over the earthquake! & rdquo;, the warmth of the picture, many people came here, in the display red candlelight, cheer for the disaster, disaster relatives pray & hellip; & hellip; Ya'an

! Let us pray for our fellow citizens! It is reported that

, the LED display of nearly 350 square meters, installed in 2012 in the. For nearly a year, the screen do promotion at the same time as the world's top jewelry, watches, accessories, luxury cars and so on high-end brand, also shoulders the social responsibilities of public service ads, in order to construct the & ldquo; Chongqing Civilization & rdquo; and!