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Merchants spread LED house The lighting actively in China

From: Data:30/08/2016

Recently The Shenzhen government abolished the Plan of Shenzhen LED industry development (2009-2015) through "the" Government notice "The did not explained. Notice the reason to abolish the plan.

This action attracted the guesses from people in LED industry. Some people said, as LED lighting product s price is 5-6 times" as that of traditional lighting. The LED products was not widely used in Shenzhen. Most applications of LED products are mainly focused on public examples of government spreading,
on commercial lighting, office lighting, house lighting, its applications still need to be enlarged.

Although there are many blocks, LED house lighting is gradually accepted by common consumers. Therefore Shenzhen LED in Dustry still thought to be good. Experts forecast, LED lighting market will be much better in 2013.

It is not enough to push LED industry only relying on goverment "said by Mr Wang, who is engaged in spreading branded LED lighting product in Hua Qiang Bei, Shen zhen. Mr Wang has been selling LED products since 2005.

Till now. He is engaged in producing and assembling lighting fixtures, but the most part are still incandescent and fluoresent. LED lighting products only takes 20-30%.

In his opinion, LED products still not become the first choice for Chinese resident due to the high price. For examle, price of 12-18W LED kitchen lamp is around 160RMB-200RMB
But the traditional lamp only costs; 30-40RMB for 20W-60W.

Besides, the source for LED end-user market is mainly from the LED factory or self-assembling by merchants and the latter takes more advantages in the market butthe high quality is difficult to be ensured.

Though LED lighting products did not full take replacement of traditional lighting in people s mind most of ", the merchants are doing their best to spread the new lighting to consumers.

The LED products are gradually accepted by LED house lighting market.

Sales from No.1 lighting suggested the consumers to useLED Candle bulband CFL Candle bulb together on the chandeliers. The LED bulbs lightened in the day to save energy and in the night, LEDCandle lightand CFL lightened together to make the room more bright. The s Uggestion is popular with some consumers.

Sales manager of IKEA in said that Ikea will take four steps to fully spread LED lighting products.

2013-2014, CFL will be gradually abandoned. in 2015, all CFL will disappear; all halogen bulb will be abondoned before 2016. After 2016, Ikea will sell only led lamps.

Amy said, Shenzhen IKEA already built 2 showrooms of LED products and traditional ones, where the consumer will see how much electricity they use and judge which led product is good or bad.