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2013 flood light LED lighting industry development trend

From: Data:30/08/2016

2013 the year for LED flood light lighting industry, because led gradually into make this industry has a new breakthrough; also because green lighting has gradually become the lighting industry trends; industrial lighting good future along with the open Rev.
overall, this year led the market belongs to the normal adjustment of the year, but for 2013 lighting market, LED lighting will be the overall warm; so
, we in the first look at the trend of LED lighting scheme in 2013.
upgrade light technology, is expected to become the highlight of
lighting in LED lighting applications, dimming technology faces very big challenge, because the current LED lighting drive mode, and the existing
dimming is voltage dimming, so in terms of compatibility challenges as a weapon, but this is also the identification scheme, the LED dimming scheme in the past, the common problems are dimming range small, light suddenly become bright, light low flicker and so on, seriously affect the user experience of , however, with the special program PI company launched, LED dimming is expected to solve the problem. LYTSwitch IC in the latest release of PI, can achieve the dimming performance can be very good, can easily reach NEMA SSL6 standard angle even in lower conduction, the other The driver very fast start, usually less than 500 ms, even in 10% of the amount of optical output is turned on its launch speed is also very fast, the actual program. use LYTSwitch IC Design of lighting can to and off almost as adjustable light angle of conduction, this essentially eliminate the suddenly light phenomenon.
2013, LED lighting will use more intelligent lighting control, to meet a new lighting market!