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Guangdong six initiatives to raise 2013 to promote the application of LED boom

From: Data:30/08/2016

4 June 10, the provincial government in Guangzhou held a joint meeting of the province led lighting technology and products to promote the application of, and informed of the LED lighting products to promote the application of work, study and solve the problems existing in the process of popularization and application, the deployment of the next step.

meeting informed the province to promote the application of LED lighting products and work plans in the next phase. Since the issuance of last year, the provincial government to the Guangdong Province to promote the use LED lighting products work program "), across the province formed a good situation to try to overtake each other, striving for excellence, and the overall work progress smoothly. Up to now, the province has been promoting the use of LED street lamps nearly 800 thousand, indoor LED lighting products more than 2 million, more than 10000 kilometers of the demonstration section, demonstration scale and construction progress in the country among the best. Is expected in 2013 the new installation of LED street lights more than 1 million 100 thousand, will set off a new round of popularization and application of the boom.

chenyunxian /> fully affirmed the achievements made in Guangdong Province, the first stage of popularization and application of LED lighting products, emphasizing the LED display manufacturers industry is Guangdong Province to cultivate the development of one of the breakthrough of the strategic emerging industries, vigorously promote the use of LED lighting products, is to further activate the consumer market, promote the industry of Guangdong Province led rapid development, promote the optimization and upgrading of the important measures of the industrial structure, but also a breakthrough energy-saving emission reduction and energy shortage bottleneck and effective way to promote green and low-carbon development, in Guangdong Province, the full realization of the transformation and upgrading of great significance. Throughout the city, various departments to ride on the momentum and increase innovation, do a solid job of LED lighting products to promote the application of work, to promote sound and rapid development of LED industry. 2013 to focus on doing the following work: first, pay close attention to improve relevant policies; the second is to vigorously promote the public agencies use of LED lighting products; the third is to strengthen the supervision of product quality and technical standards for the construction; the fourth is to strengthen the publicity lead; the fifth is to continue to strengthen the administration and supervision of the promotion and application; the sixth is to prepare good to promote the application of LED lighting products Foshan site will.