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Domestic LED display industry to pay attention to the popular interpretation of

From: Data:30/08/2016

although LED display industry in China develops very fast, but industry many skills and levels of production technology and international advanced level has certain distance, most companies lack of independent intellectual property rights of the core technologies and industrial planning is very small, high performance LED luminous tube (die) rely on imports, showing the commodity mostly in middle and low grade based. Small companies, in particular, the number of small companies accounted for a larger share of the domestic LED display screen exports mainly to price advantage for competitiveness. To this end the following concerns.

to strengthen exchanges with the government, to increase the strength of government support. LED government appears on the

display screen career currently very few companies compete for the country to obtain the support of the association can also be relatively weak. Therefore, professional associations and companies need to strengthen exchanges with the government, for the country to support the occupation and the company. Local governments Photoelectric Industrial Park Development to guide and macro regulation and control method, attraction and sponsored the foundation of good company and points Bazhuo, and constitute the corresponding production chain.

to strengthen the construction of professional standards, and establish a scientific basis for judging the quality of.

standard chemical difficult standard malls, improve the professional quality of the commodity level, promote the occupation of all carried out with important effect, so it is necessary to strengthen professional standards for the construction, proposed the corresponding technical standards. Which contains a variety of useful LED display standards, special shaped LED display screen standards, engineering equipment inspection standards, etc.. After standard shopping malls, so that the product is not the same level, not the same as the needs of different occasions, together with the goods can not be qualified to make a living, so that the occupation health.

company to strengthen cooperation with the upstream and downstream.

LED display product involves materials science, optics, computer, television and electronic skills, so the industry because of enhanced cooperation with upstream and downstream companies and research organizations, make full use of existing research results accelerate the apparent progress in vocational skills.

company to increase the technological innovation.

innovation is a company long time living conditions. The industry appeared the same skills, homogeneity of goods to form a core competitiveness, so the company especially planning for the larger companies to increase investment in technical innovation, the company continued to constitute a technical innovation and new economic growth point.

LED display industry future development potential is infinite, the state and local government led to show screen industry should be carried out from a strategic height to give active policy support, encouraging technical innovation, support small and medium-sized companies development, project financing, construction project management standards, supervision and other aspects of skills, develop scientific, objective, is conducive to the industry to carry out detailed guidelines.

LED display using the company to strengthen the company's inductive nature of promotion, according to the existing skills and commercial foundation, strengthen core competitiveness, to innovation development rich industry volume, active exploration of the restructuring of the company and of the capital markets useful to use, to increase the company's long time development ability.