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LED display to enhance the value of outdoor advertising industry

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED display as a modern electronic media, with its flexible display area, high brightness, long life, large capacity, digital, real-time characteristics, is not a substitute for any other media. LED electronic display full use of modern information technology, the sound, light, electricity, and other disciplines to integrate and perfect combination, set the video, animation, subtitles, pictures in one of the high-tech information released by the end of the product. LED display can also be extended to the network, communications, integrated wiring, broadcasting and other weak system.

daytime dynamic fashion, the night bright eye-catching. Large outdoor LED display the known for the propagation path of the new generation of media, due to its prime location and the high clear picture, strong visual impact, superior advertising coverage, has been enterprises to choose outdoor advertising the best choice, but also show bright window of the image of the city.

of outdoor LED display screen in the past 3-5 years developed very quickly and have almost occupied all areas to develop, people's living space in many terminals and channels will be outdoors electron screen presence. With the continuous development of science and technology, people's rhythm of life continues to improve, new media model of outdoor electronic screen this appear logical. Outdoor electronic screen has changed the pattern of outdoor media, from the earliest points all the media, to the later Chinese, AirMedia, from the earliest building electronic screen, outdoor electronic screen later in the subway, bus and aviation and other fields, to participate in the outdoor electronic screen market, more and more enterprises, outdoors electron screen area of coverage is more and more widely. This new form of media is gradually integrated into people's lives, the more accepted by the people.

addition, outdoor electronic screen can quickly expand and develop, the important reason is that it realizes the network of media operations. Xiao Mingchao said that hundreds of thousands of pieces of outdoor electronic screen to achieve the brand focused on advertising and play, to solve the traditional outdoor media completely regional single business model. Outdoor electronic screen new media compared to the traditional media CPM (according to the cost of advertising per thousand times the cost) to be low, and a lot of low, outdoor electronic screen in the form of performance is also more attractive.

due to the cost advantage of advertising, outdoor electronic screen can naturally attract more advertising investment, outdoors electron screen by subdivision of the market, while the audience in the subdivision, whether it is building, bus or air, each fractionize market formed with the respective characteristics of the audience, the outdoor electronic screen in the forms of new media can with various forms of attraction of different audience. It is thanks to its huge audience crowd, outdoor electronic screen advertising market prospects should not be underestimated.