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An instrument for testing the electrical parameters of

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED electric parameter tester

LED electrical parameter tester

2013- professional edition models: Q2

recently updated:

1, adding support for complex led, such as script to indirect positive and negative two LED is a foot also is anode and cathode of the situation (for example: seven foot driving 42 LED).
2, add the function of the production of LED pattern, making patterns faster and more convenient. Keywords:

LED digital tube tester, tester, LED test, LED module tester, LED parameter tester

program main interface

2013 version of the new mapping function, more convenient and efficient production of LED graphics

instrument front view

external interface

interface, SD card, can use external power or USB power

320 X 240 color TFT touch screen

button, if not touch screen buttons control

completely interchangeable double clip lock adapter, LED module is more adapt to the feet, the 8X8 dot matrix LED, a test of 1 seconds and

test of different colors LED

2013 version to support complex LED line The test, for example, the figure of the LED module, the LED line is characterized by a few feet drive a lot of LED tube, the figure with 4 foot drive 12 LED, each of the two feet are connected between the positive and negative two LED. Measured

seven foot drive 36 LED digital tube

    [instrument consisting] Name: LED electric parameter tester supporting software: LED electric parameters testing instrument in 2013 - Professional Edition > accessories: Dan Jiasuo (made in China), double locking clip (domestic), power adapter, USB communication line, SD card, read card device, a double figure 8 nixietube samples, CD-ROM software. [] features uses 32 bit ARM processor design, USB interface, firmware can remote online upgrade, at any time with the latest features.
    comes with 320 X240 color large screen TFT display, graphics, intuitive display, support for touch screen operation.

    support SD card storage test file, copy /exchange test file is very convenient, do not need too much computer operation.

    can be measured within 40 feet of the LED module, comes with two kinds of clamping, 40PIN external interface, can be connected to the test stand.
    2 anode and cathode is connected with the pen, easy to be disassembled, no test of LED pins.
    external handshake, communication interface, easy to interconnect with the third party devices.

    can test monochrome /dual color /three color dot matrix board, digital tube, meter word tube, DVD/VCD screen, clock board, infrared emission tube, diode, etc..
    test items: the pressure drop of the high current, low current voltage, reverse leakage current, short circuit, also can do brightness controllable lights up the whole visual appearance, light leakage detection, reverse impulse voltage test.
    has a regular test, point by point light display function.
    LED can automatically identify unknown lines of the
    module, in order to make LED true value table.

    portable design, you can work offline to reduce the cost of equipment.

    built-in programmable precision current source, voltage source.
    programming, friendly and intuitive interface, integrated LED graphics production interface, test interface, etc.. Support WinMe-Win7 operating system.

    power supply can be used USB power supply or external 8-15V power supply.
    volume: 163mm 113mm x x 33mm
    weight: 800 grams of
    [applications] vast LED production enterprise production test. infrared emission tube test, all kinds of components with the characteristics of the diode test. IQC test. [specifications] small current voltage drop (VFL) range: 0.001-13.0V (resolution 1mV) high current voltage drop (VFH) range: 0.001-13.0V (resolution 1mV) anti to the leakage current (IR) range: 1-120 UA (resolution 0.1ua) VFL current source: 1 UA and 1000 UA can be adjusted VFH current source: 1MA-100MA adjustable IR voltage source: 0.1-10 13.0V can adjust the