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LED intellectual property rights should be treated correctly

From: Data:29/08/2016

intellectual property rights in China's LED industry is a luxury, is a kind of ideal state, is the dream of all the LED industry personnel, the dream is to China's intellectual property rights of the LED, at the same time, everyone wants to do not affect their own interests, the contradictory psychology let Chinese led intellectual property dream continued, as a member of the LED industry, we should how to deal with such intellectual property rights?
we should promote China's LED intellectual property innovation capability. Centralized support led core technology and key points of product research and development, to innovation as the leading to create LED industry chain, in the silicon substrate GaN based LED, single chip white, efficient white light fluorescent powder, new material and new technology in the field of encouraging the foundation of the enterprises or research institutions carry out R & D and innovation and industrial modernization. Again, speed up the research and preparation of core standards and specifications are as follows, such as in terms of performance, testing, energy efficiency, and accelerate to establish with the international advanced level of third party products detection platform, appropriate to raise the threshold for foreign LED products to enter the domestic, the purpose is to be able to talk to foreign enterprises exchange core technology, and reduce the control cost technology.
establish and improve China's LED intellectual property management system. To accelerate the development of LED in our country intellectual property strategy study in the field of LED formulation independent intellectual property rights support plan feasibility and necessity, and strengthen the guiding role of intellectual property policies in the domestic outdoor full color LED display major research and development and industrialization projects, protect the enterprise independent record new achievements of intellectual property and industrialization. Study and formulate normative practical led intellectual property management system, and select the appropriate regional and carrier launched demonstration and application, including the key technologies research and development innovation management and independent intellectual property rights of the patent application process management, intellectual property and the technical information and legal information management in three parts, forming orderly management of intellectual property division system.
to enrich and improve the way to avoid the risk of intellectual property LED. First, to strengthen the development of LED technology and the introduction of intellectual property risk prevention, independent or commissioned by the research and development of pre patent special retrieval analysis, estimate the risk of infringement. At the same time, it is also to prevent the leak of the development process, in a timely manner to apply for a patent on some of the research and development results, to do a good job. Two is the LED product export before the target market to do a good job of intellectual property investigation and analysis, to avoid infringement of intellectual property rights, to avoid unnecessary risks, especially in Japan, the United States and other LED core patents are more concentrated in the country. Three is led technology and patent pool construction, guide enterprises of our country led cross licensing, joint response involving intellectual property infringement acts and legal proceedings, to enable enterprises to realize the benefit sharing and win-win cooperation under the principle of seeking common ground while reserving differences.
actively participate in and respond to the international competition of LED intellectual property rights. First, in-depth study and understanding and skilled use of such intellectual property rights the & ldquo; rules of the game & rdquo; and through the PCT route actively apply for such international patent, gradually accumulated patent to gain the initiative in international competition and to obtain the long-term interests. Second, take Baotuan responding and active defense way, maintenance as a member of the world trade organization should enjoy the rights and interests, and to strive for the possibility of reaching a settlement, the implementation of patent cross licensing. Three is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and the international leading enterprises in the field of LED and Taiwan area of China enterprises to carry out various forms of communication and interaction, through a variety of ways to obtain the core technology of the international patent. For example, access to foreign leading companies authorized to purchase foreign patents, the acquisition of foreign companies with special characteristics and intellectual property rights of foreign enterprises, based on the application of advanced technology in foreign countries, such as improved patents.
only with independent intellectual property rights of LED, can regulate the healthy development of the industry as a whole, and make the user feel value for money, let the malignant competition under control, but also for the future of the industry provide the guarantee of sustainable development. Our every member of the LED industry has an obligation to maintain the development of the entire industry, adjust the mentality seriously.