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Shaanxi section of the Ankang mountain pass tunnel due to accidents for rectific

From: Data:29/08/2016

for tunnel lamp does not shine, Ankang 316 national highway crossing section off the tunnel opened to traffic in 12 years, traffic accidents occur, the highway management department, said no money to pay the electricity bills, and Ankang City Highway Bureau Public Information & ldquo; several accident happened last year are not less money & rdquo.

interpretation: non mandatory lighting style= tunnel

Ankang Highway Administration Bureau Chief Engineer Ke Xiaoping said yesterday. Mountain pass tunnel is in accordance with the 1997 "issued by the Ministry of transportation highway engineering technical standard" design and construction, taking into account the traffic volume increased, the tunnel preset lighting facilities. And according to the specified in the 2004 "technical standard of Highway Engineering": & ldquo; the second, third, four level of tunnel, the lighting facilities can set according to the situation & rdquo; and "technical specifications of highway maintenance" mentioned Yueling Guan tunnel is a non compulsory tunnel lighting.

he introduced, Yueling closed at both ends of the tunnel export terminal accommodation, tunnel flat straight through, tunnel no sharp bends, steep slopes and belongs to the non mandatory lighting channel, coupled with small amount of traffic and tunnel lighting facilities maintenance and lighting special cost. Therefore, the purpose is to meet the current and energy saving and emission reduction, reduce the maintenance cost, lighting facilities not normally put into use.

Xiao Ping Ke introduction, 316 National Highway in Ankang and Ma Ling Guan tunnel, Changan dam tunnel is not energized, which Ma Ling Guan Long Tunnel of 610 meters, 320 lamp; Changan dam tunnel length 345 meters, 140 lamp. According to the current projections, the three tunnel lighting facilities maintenance and electricity losses and other costs, the annual need 2 million yuan.

modification: budget has not figured out

Ankang City Highway Administration Quality Anke chief Liu Chengying, Yueling closed tunnel connecting cable has been stealing out to repair requires a week. Has been linked to the relevant units to carry out the technical transformation of the scene, the tunnel will be replaced by LED lights, energy saving lamps to reduce power consumption. The cost of the budget has not yet come up. Many people are concerned about lighting facilities construction costs, Ankang City highway administration publicity coco long Xie Jun said that the tunnel is built by the Ankang City Transportation Bureau submitted to the management, now lighting facilities to find missing. Ankang City Transportation Bureau, said Hu Xiaoguo, director of the Department of supervision, the main leaders and departments responsible person is a new, in the end who is responsible for this matter, it is not clear.

for lighting facilities, why is not energized, Ankang City Highway Bureau yesterday's answer is still no special fees, but according to the Ankang City Highway Management Bureau official website announced the 2013 the city trunk road work report "show that & ldquo; several accident happened last year are not less money & rdquo.