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LED lights around the world are in the price of

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED lamp is recognized energy-saving equipment, according to the actual test, power consumption of LED lights at the same time is 30% of the traditional incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp is about 40% of the fluorescent lamp, so led lamp is the most energy-saving lighting lamps and lanterns.

according to the latest statistics, at present replace the traditional 40W incandescent light bulbs commodity LED lamps, the world's lowest price has reached 4 u.. China, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries in the market in March prices fell by about 4.5% to 6.1%, the price is basically stable downward trend, while the exchange rate also contributed to the average price decline. U.S. market commodity price fell 5.1% in March. South Korean market in March prices fell by 1.4%, the Chinese market to replace the 40W commodity prices fell 2.3%, to $10.8, is still the lowest in the market at present. The lowest price also fell, reaching $4.1. Taiwan market commodity prices in March showed a slight decline of 0.4%. Replace the traditional 60W incandescent light bulbs, the average market price stability fell in March to replace the LED 60W bulb global average price fell 6.5% to $24.1. Japan's market in March showed a 3.8% decline in prices, reaching $25.8. The stability of the original commodity prices fell, the Korean market prices showed a slight decline of 1.4%, the original commodity prices unchanged, mainly due to rising exchange rate led to a decline in prices. U.S. market in March showed a 2.9% decline in prices, the original commodity prices fluctuate slightly, the new product price is lower. British and German market prices were 11.3% and 6.5% respectively, two of the market price of the original commodity prices are stable, and the exchange rate also led to a decline in prices. Chinese market to replace the 60W commodity prices fell 15.5%, to $17.1. The original commodity prices remained stable, mainly due to the new domestic brand light bulbs prices lower average price. Taiwan market to replace the 60W commodity price fell 6.4% in March, reaching $13.9, the original commodity prices fell slightly, the other exchange rate rose to promote the price decline. Fierce competition in the market, to replace the LED 40W light bulbs in Asia market price to replace the 40W part of the commodity, the Chinese market local brand bulb prices continue to maintain low prices. Above Shun lighting 6.5W out of LED lighting, luminous flux for 450 lumens, March in China the market price to kill $4.1. Currently all market statistics in the lowest. In addition to the UK and Germany, other statistical areas to replace the LED 40W light bulbs at the lowest price also fell below $10. From the market average price point of view, in the replacement of the LED 40W light bulbs, the Asian market price is generally lower than the European and American markets. Replace LED 60W light bulb part, in addition to China and Taiwan market due to local brands of cheap goods pulled low price, the market price of Japan and South Korea and Europe and the United States there is no significant difference. Ledinside thinks, the main reason for this phenomenon is relative to goods to replace 60W, 40W commodity replace currently used in the Asian market rate and popularity rate is relatively high, so market competition more intense, product price decline rate is also relatively fast. Daily LED chip technology is increasingly mature, the major companies overcapacity, oversupply, cost significantly reduced, but the real reach of civil standards, there are still some time. LED lamps prices continued to decline, there are also disadvantages, LED industry should control prices too fast decrease, close to the favorable side, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.