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LED enterprise should be to the "GREE" learn what

From: Data:30/08/2016

in recent years, due to the decline in external demand, weak domestic demand, labor and raw materials and other factors affecting the cost of production, China's manufacturing enterprises operating difficulties, profit decline.

empathy, led enterprises facing the market environment is becoming more and more complex. At the same time, the entrepreneur in the layout of their own enterprises force at the same time, may also be necessary to open the perspective, from China's manufacturing enterprises how to build their business level of thinking from the manufacturing industry with the successful, even if it is cross industry, the heart must be able to find a way to use bit of wisdom.

such as Gree, there is air conditioning industry leading enterprises, a series of data can illustrate the performance of the enterprise: under this weak market demand, economic environment severe, Gree Electric appliances of third quarter results exceeded market expectations, achieved operating income of 7.716 billion yuan, an increase of 20.43%; net profit of 53.3 billion yuan, an increase of 41.34%. Especially the latter, remarkable, like the increment of LED enterprises income status.

why to do so? Gree Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President, said: "to win the market not only to meet consumer demand, but also to create and lead the needs of consumers think, only in this way can remain invincible in the fierce competition in the market." Gree Electric Appliances long-term increase investment in research and development, adhere to independent innovation, pay attention to product quality, also pay close attention to management, give full play to the company's capacity, logistics and distribution, scale advantage, and continue to increase the independent brand exports degree, so as to enhance the company's overall profitability.

at the same time, price war also led industry is not the patent, how to treat Chinese companies generally favored the "price" of tactical?? in this regard, Dong Mingzhu's opinion is: "market competition, excellent enterprise should is like in track and field competition, jump higher, run faster will be able to obtain greater market share, and should not be like a boxing match, the opponent to win." With the competition, more should focus on upgrading their profits not only for rival to death.

especially for innovation, not willing to break the money will be able to achieve innovation, nor is there a person will be able to achieve, the key is the enterprise leaders have no idea of innovation and ideas, which is the core. Some innovation does not have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes is the determination of the problem, how much heart, the pace of innovation is how much, and finally occupy the market there is much." Only with the character of the lion of the entrepreneur can bring the enterprise to the height of the lion, not just the three five in front of the bucket.

"innovation is to do things by heart. Hard work and hard work is not hard, may do well, but the heart will be optimized constantly, constantly perfect. Basic level staff in the production line of small improvements, R & D personnel, are innovative." Dong Mingzhu believes that enterprises should be innovative, mainly should come up with their own business development measures, not blindly imitate. Learn from other people's experience, the others came back from school, I think is not innovation, must be self change is innovation. " Substitution, imitation, in the learning stage is understandable, but the growth of self consciousness.

"outstanding enterprises should be in the surface force rather than by the success" integrated point of view, which seems to be the current led enterprises should be the reference to Gree such outstanding private enterprises, regardless of the channel, is the price, single point of competition seem to be a fragile, excellent enterprises such as the outstanding person should have the ability of product quality, independent innovation, the layout of the logistics, cost control at the same time, as a good business managers should also have emotional stability, keen observation and thinking, rich imagination and efficient execution.