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Installation method of LED lamp strip / light band

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED lamp strip / lamp with installation method

led lights a pure color, the color is gorgeous luminous, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, long life, safe and reliable gradually in the decoration industry emerge. Since the LED lamp is the introduction of new products in recent years, some customers have no contact, for how to install is not clear. The following from the Shenzhen city is still bright optoelectronic Co., Ltd. to share with you the LED light of the installation method of
led lights for indoor decoration, waterproof, anti UV requirements is not high, the installation is relatively simple. To Shang Ming photoelectric production of LED lamp strips, for example, behind every LED soft lamp strip are labeled with self adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, installation can directly to tear the sticker on the 3M double-sided adhesive surface, and the LED lamp fixed in installation position, use hand to it close on the. As for some places need to turn a corner or the length of the LED lamp is not consistent. LED lamp is by 3 led to a set of series and parallel modes is composed of the circuit structure, every 3 star LED that can be cut, you can cut off long, short can be welded up. Light
LED strip used for outdoor due to be affected by the erosion of rain, UV, if using a 3M glue fixed, a long time will cause decrease of 3M adhesive and cause LED lights a fall off, so the installation of outdoor LED soft lamp strip used card slot fixed way. Where shearing and connecting are needed, the method is just as well as indoor installation, just need to be equipped with waterproof glue, in order to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point.
LED lamp general voltage for DC 12V, so the need to use the switch power supply, the size of the power supply according to the LED lamp power and length to calculate. Can also buy a large power switching power supply to do the total power supply, all of the LED soft light input power supply in parallel (wire size is not enough, then can be extended), unified by the total switching power supply. The advantage is that it can be centralized control, inconvenient place is not to achieve a single LED lighting effect and switch control, which can be used to measure the specific.
LED Happy Valley and RGB strip to achieve the color changing effect on the controller, each controller control distance is not the same, generally speaking, simple controller control distance is 10 to 15 meters, the controller remote control distance of 15 to 20 meters, the longest can control to 30 meters distance. If the connection distance of the LED lamp strip is long, and the controller can not control the lamp, it needs to use the power amplifier.
on the distance of the connection of LED lamp. 3528 patch series LED light bar with the maximum distance of 20 meters, 5050 patch series LED lamp, the maximum distance of 15 meters. If it is beyond the distance of the connection, the LED lamp is easy to heat, the use of the process will affect the life of the LED lamp. Therefore, the installation of the time must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturers, should not let the LED light off load.
in the installation of LED lights, to consider the following issues: water level, total power, power, controller, etc..