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LED light bar production operation standard

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED lamp production operation standard

LED is a complete industrial chain, which in the upstream is epitaxial wafer cutting and production, which is currently LED industry most technical content of a link. Epitaxial films is mainly provided by Japan, Korea, Germany, and Taiwan mainland enterprises wafer outer epitaxial films mainly from Japan and South Korea, the brightness, the light fades the best is made in Japan and Taiwan wide shocks, the Puri epitaxial films from Japan and the wafer in the industry's reputation is also good. At present, Japan, in addition to the outside world to provide epitaxial epitaxial epitaxial, which has begun its own cutting, which will cause pressure on the wafer plant in Taiwan and the mainland. In the part of the package, mainly concentrated in Taiwan and the mainland of China, which Taiwan enterprises in the packaging field in a leading position in the world, billion light, Baihong, East Bay, Chi Mei, etc. a large number of quality enterprises. After 2000 with the advent of the Blu ray chip and white technology, as well as mobile phones, backlight, lighting and other applications to expand the market, Taiwan packaging enterprises ushered in the industry in the spring. Package

two, LED lights to form the package, from in-line 3MM, early 5MM, 8MM, 10MM, piranha. Late development patch 080506031206, now 1210 (3528), 5050 and other TOPLED series. So the LED lamp strip is developed from the ordinary line type to use 0805 and 6031206. And now the hottest market 5050 patch series products. It is worth noting that the brightness of the LED lamp is directly related to the chip. The wafer package has 9MIL, 12MIL 14MIL size theoretically speaking wafer more, higher power and brightness, of course, the price is more expensive, at present a lot of companies on the market by 5050 package appearance, but in practice is relatively low brightness small wafer, thus resulting in low price, but the quality is not good, this is irresponsible to customers. When used to carefully identify the welding process and lamp brightness, the difference with the instrument can be quickly identified.

LED lamp strip package

LED lamp and points LED flexible lamp strip and LED light strips. The differences are as follows:

1, the LED flexible lamp strip is used FPC assembly circuit board, LED SMD assembly, the thickness of the product is only 1mm thickness, does not occupy a space; common specification per 30 metres of lamp, 48 lights 60 lamps and so on, different users have different specifications. And it can cut, also can be extended and is not affected by the light. FPC material soft, can be arbitrary bending, folding, winding, can move in three-dimensional space and flexible and will not break. Suitable for the use of irregular and space, but also because it can be arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for any combination of various patterns in the advertising decoration. It should prompt FPC material itself is also divides a lot of kinds, on the market with the formal is made of rolled copper double-sided board FPC, of course, a lot of enterprises is also a taste of the pursuit of material cost decreased to take electrolyte made of FPC, FPC of electrolyte in the welding process is easy to peel, a direct result of the weld and the dead lights phenomenon, in addition to either from the conductive performance and flexibility on the electrolyte is not able to compete with the rolled copper.

2, LED light bar is with PCB assembly circuit board, led useful smd led to assembly, is also useful in line LED assembly, depending on the different needs and the use of different components. The advantage of hard light is relatively easy to fix, processing and installation are more convenient; the disadvantage is not free to bend, do not fit the rules of the place. Hard light strip with SMD LED per meter 30 lights, 48 lights 60 lamps, such as good a variety of specifications; dip led the has 18, 24, 36 teeth, 48 teeth with different specifications, positive and side, side emitting also called great wall lamp.

4, light bar glue difference

in light waterproof material to be used, on the market at present more is using epoxy resin AB glue series 560. However, the use of this glue package light, generally showing a more bubbles, easy to break, not resistant to high temperature and cold weather, long-term use easy to yellow, easy to tear and other defects. Therefore, the largest customer complaints encountered this kind of glue problem. At present, our use of ingredients is polyurethane glue. Polyurethane is a adhesive is expensive, but good transparency repeated fold 500 times does not break, tear resistance, resistance to UV light outdoor permanent yellow, excellent surface gloss made products with excellent low temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, arc resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, resistant to cold and cyclical impact such as performance, fully meet the users both inside and outside the high performance requirements.

five, LED lamp belt production equipment

on production equipment of different manufacturers, equipment quality and good service and good reputation of the manufacturers recommend for LED strip mainly for the SMT process, the process is to paste mixing (LF-180A), printing (LTCL-SP600), relatively large lamp plate is usually 510X250MM so to force front with the large printing machine through the connecting device (LF-100LC) into the machine (SM421S) to mount, posted a good light PCB (LF-100LT) by connecting Taiwan into reflow (small and medium capacity recommended: S6 capacity recommended: M6 series reflow welding) after PCB test separation, connection test, aging, aging, sealing, packaging products!