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LED lights to feign death analysis

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED lamp strip feign death to die of

recently a lot of peer counseling our LED soft lamp strip appeared in the production process of led the phenomenon of suspended animation (i.e. LED does not shine), this kind of phenomenon in the LED soft light and hard light appear the most easily. The causes of this phenomenon

according to the actual situation to do the following analysis of the following conditions.

1, LED soft lamp strip electrostatic breakdown: because the LED is a semiconductor is electrostatically sensitive components, so if in the production process for electrostatic protection work did not do a good job will due to static electricity breakdown LED chip, resulting in LED soft light, the phenomenon of suspended animation this destructive as unrecoverable. Customers use the problem as follows: a period of time some beads suddenly appeared not bright, dark area. Caused by the common industry said the dead light phenomenon, the problem is a serious quality problems.

remedial measures:

prevent measures of this phenomenon is to strengthen the electrostatic protection, who led lamp beads operator contact, must according to the rules, wear anti-static gloves, electrostatic ring, tools and instruments must be well grounded. Other please use anti-static workshop, the cost is higher, for high quality customers, please with regular manufacturers produced by the lamps in the normal mode of operation a, do not covet cheap, selection of production workshops, opening the Pandora's box.

2, LED soft lamp strip high-temperature damage: LED high temperature resistant performance is not good, in the SMT inevitably bead weld or welding leakage phenomenon, if in the process of production and maintenance for led the welding temperature and the welding time can not effectively control will because of transient high temperature to burn out or is continuous high temperature caused by damaged LED chips, resulting in LED soft light, the phenomenon of suspended animation.

remedial measures:

prevent effective measures for the problems occurred: do the reflow, wave soldering) and iron temperature control, specifically responsible for the implementation, special archives management; soldering iron used temperature controlled soldering iron, effectively prevent iron high temperature burn LED chip. This is the manual mode of operation where the problem lies, temperature control is not good, in addition to the solder joint appearance of ugly, bead chip unconsciously will be scrapped, and at that time, the examination does not come out, to the hands of customers using a few days before the problems arise, the confidence of long-term and old customers is the biggest blow.

3, LED soft light a case of moisture in high temperature burst: LED package if long-term exposure in the air will absorb moisture, before use if not through the dehumidification process (oven baked), in the reflow soldering (wavesolder) will because the reflow temperature is too high, tin time cycle long resulting in thermal expansion of the LED package of moisture, cause LED package burst and thus indirectly lead to overheating of LED chips and damage.

remedial measures:

LED storage environment to constant temperature and humidity, the unused led before the next use must be placed in about 80 DEG oven bake 5 ~ 8 hours dehumidified to ensure the use of LED have no absorption of moisture. Must not be in order to save time to save time to drain this step, do a good job LED soft light quality every step is essential.