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LED lighting performance advantage, you know how much?

From: Data:30/08/2016

first, long life. Traditional road lighting light source is used for high-pressure sodium lamps, high power led the life of general up to 5 - 7 million hours, and the life of high pressure sodium lamp is about 2, 000 hours, road lighting with high-pressure sodium lamp life of only about 5000 hours. LED light source life and driving circuit of life together determine the service life of the LED street lamp, led the life is not equal to the life span of LED street lamps, but from the current level of technology, the service life of the LED street lamp can more than traditional high pressure sodium lamp service life. Second

, high efficiency, low energy consumption. LED street lamp, because of its good direction, the general efficiency of the light can reach 80% or more; while the traditional street light efficiency is generally only 65% - 70%. In addition, LED street from 0% - 100% range control dimming, and illuminates the lamp high pressure sodium lamp uniformity is poor. Third, high color rendering. High color rendering is helpful to the vehicle and pedestrian recognition target, and the condition is better under the same condition. The traditional high pressure sodium lamp color index Ra is only about 20, the color index can reach LED street 80. Fourth, fast response. Even tens of seconds time very high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp need to restart, need to wait 3 to 6 minutes of cooling. The LED boot is only a few tens of seconds (NS), do not wait for an immediate restart, LED lamps can be in a continuous on /off state. Fifth, low carbon, environmental protection, health. LED suitable for the use of wind and solar photovoltaic technology and the application of solar photovoltaic technology in the road, the real help to energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, LED lamps do not contain mercury and lead and other harmful substances, but also can be recycled, no pollution to the environment. Sixth, LED street lamp has the advantages of low cost, strong structure, strong plastic shape and so on. LED street lamps in all aspects of the development of a great advantage, from the recent several years, the state of the development of LED street lights several standards, and gradually standardize its standards. The government's policy support and financial help, it can predict the LED street lamp will only be getting better and better, and the speed will soon.