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From: Data:30/08/2016

LED full-color display will begin to widely application in store advertising, celebration ceremonies, stage performances, municipal engineering, outdoor media and other aspects. Compared to other traditional products with full color LED display There is nothing comparable to this advantage. But LED display in the country is not yet mature, relative to other industry development time is short, the industry threshold is relatively low, due to various reasons, LED display quality is uneven. So how should choose, to identify the display screen is good or bad?

simply can be summarized as the following several points:

product demand:

full-color LED display many kinds, in the selection of the screen to choose according to their own conditions. Requires high brightness or high refresh. Used outdoors or indoors. If it is used in the room, then you can choose the patch of the LED screen, outdoor needs to consider the protection of LED screen level, but also to consider whether the LED manufacturers products to the greatest extent in line with their own needs. Second

: component selection

component life and performance of LED display screen play a decisive role, choosing the high quality of the components is can be greater protection of the quality of the LED display screen.

facing the LED manufacturers listed a large number of components and how to choose it? According to their own needs, as well as the ability to receive funds to consider. For relatively high quality rental LED full color display screen, you need to select good components, to maximize the protection of product display quality. If

is used in outdoor LED display, you need to select a relatively high luminous intensity or led chip.

production process

LED display as the project involves to the steel structure, distribution and other aspects, and therefore as a investigation on the, the choice of LED display manufacturers to provide the whole enterprise solution than the late separate production and processing factories will save a lot of time. Shenzhen Heernuo is a LED display integrated solving scheme provider, and professional stage rental LED display service providers.

four, after-sales service

how to choose LED display manufacturers resolution full-color LED display quality and after-sales service is indispensable. Perfect pre sales and after-sales service plan LED display manufacturers must have. Perfect after-sales service will let you save more unnecessary troubles, Heernuo efforts to build local after-sales.

local services. Establish a number of branches, can be faster, more timely and more quickly respond to local customers to solve the problem.