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Dongguan proposed five major LED Industrial Park introduced the idea of LED indu

From: Data:30/08/2016

recently, the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau issued the "Dongguan city in 2012 LED industry development work plan (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "work plan"), to the public for comments. According to this "plan", Dongguan City will from the & ldquo; Dongguan Science and Technology & rdquo; project establishment of such special funds, will build five segments of the industry park, including LED chip industry park, led equipped Industrial Park, garden of industry of LED application, LED power supply Industrial Park, LED chip Packaging Industrial Park, covering LED industry chain each link.

main LED lighting and backlighting

the working idea of "the general idea is that making a industrial base planning, clear two industry main direction, to build three industrial public platform, condensed four elements of industrial development, the construction of five subdivision of Industry Park, take five industry promotion measures.

is worth to pay close attention to is, Dongguan proposed to build five subdivision of Industry Park, namely the construction of Industrial Park of Songshan Lake LED chips, Songshan Lake LED equipment Industrial Park, Changping LED application Industrial Park, Shijie LED Power Industrial Park, Qingxi LED chip packaging Industrial Park, actively targeting international well-known enterprises of science and technology investment, especially actively undertake the tide of Shenzhen LED industry transfer. On the basis of the determination of the overall planning, the main direction of the LED industry in Dongguan city is LED lighting and back light source.

build three industrial platform

"work plan" is also proposed, intends to build public LED industry development platform, public testing platform and public trading platform three industry public platform, power LED industry development.

among them, the Institute of optoelectronics, Peking University, Dongguan Institute for the formation of LED chips and application of public research and development platform, by the municipal government and Peking University joint investment, each of the 50% shares. Main technical backbone of the team from Beijing University sent and the introduction of foreign high-end technical talent composition, mainly to carry out such key technology research and development, technology to provide public services, especially patents, high-tech enterprise incubation led, making LED product standards, LED technology personnel training etc..

intends to set up special funds LED LED

industry development, the same can not be separated from the elements of cohesion technology, talent, capital and market these four aspects.

technology research, Dongguan city intends to set up LED industry core technology research special funds, each project funded 10 million yuan or more. To attract the talent, Dongguan will rely on city government in the establishment of overseas eight workstations talent, in Europe and the United States LED industry to attract international high-end talent. As well as through the provinces and cities talent search company, for the industry and public service platform to attract domestic professionals. &ldquo

; from the science and technology project in Dongguan 2 billion yuan special funds set up special funds LED. ” Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the person in charge said that this special fund will be used to support the LED industry technology innovation, subsidies LED application demonstration project, the introduction of LED high-end projects, and create a favorable environment for the development of LED.