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LED industry alliance to become industry trends

From: Data:30/08/2016

April 10, Guangdong Province held a joint conference of the LED lighting technology and products to promote the application of, according to statistics, at present in Guangdong Province LED street lamp use about 80 million lights, road more than 10000 kilometers, the use range is the first example of. Guangdong Province in 2013 will be the new installation of 1 million 100 thousand LED street lights. April 12th, in Guangzhou Sun Shine Hotel held a meeting of China's LED channel alliance, formally established the first domestic LED industry channel alliance organization.

2012 Goldman Sachs China annual LED forum summed up the &ldquo, the importance of the establishment of the channel in the field of lighting is no less than LED development technology ”. Currently in the LED lighting industry, the Chinese market with the international market and domestic market channel construction to meet the development of LED industry, including: traditional lighting companies in emerging markets led transformation, led enterprise distribution channels development, dealers of LED enterprise brand and product choice. LED lighting industry a lot of confusion, a serious obstruction to the domestic market penetration rate. This time it is necessary to set up a coalition of this type. The Guangdong Provincial Government of the alliance of evaluation are as follows: to the semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong Province joint innovation center as a link initiated the establishment of the China led channel alliance, bringing together the government, industry, academia, research resources, win the support of a large number of leading distributors, industry associations, enterprises dealers, agents, joined the business, retailers provides a communication platform for public service, for the LED industry collaborative innovation and cluster development and create a more favorable environment. Led channel alliance after the establishment, will strive to build communication bridge between China led distributors and manufacturers, the integration of market resources, help enterprises to deepen the channel laying, so as to promote the circulation of China led information channels, promoting friendly cooperation channels and manufacturers, promote the LED industry to the development of marketization and internationalization. Conference discussion, consideration, and the election of the relevant person in charge of the first organization, the Guangdong provincial semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center director Dr. Gui Shirong was elected as the first chairman of the alliance. Headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is located in the South China Sea area of new light source industry base, has developed the first member. China's LED industry needs a standardized organization to guide the development of the market, so that the domestic LED market can follow the footsteps of the international market, and even lead the international market. The organizational form of industrial alliance will be the trend of the development of the industry, is the need of domestic market norms, in the future there will be more and more alliance organizations to maintain the order of the whole industry.