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LED lighting - let the children stay away from myopia

From: Data:30/08/2016

LED lighting - let the children to bid farewell to myopia, away from myopia, into the nature.
myopia is at this stage parents most headaching problem, now most of the children into the junior high school will wear glasses, myopia of children everywhere, as the saying goes: & ldquo; the eyes are the windows of the soul & rdquo; wearing glasses to see the world blessing will be true?? so what is who blurred the line of sight of the child, who was blinded to the child's eyes?
most people would think that this is children excessive use of eyes, the reading and writing posture is not correct, do not pay attention to eye health is caused by. However, a University of Cambridge study by Dr. Wersching has pointed out: the lamp is one of the arch-criminal children myopia strobe! This surprised a lot of people.
children myopia, is really the wrong? It is understood that traditional desk lamp, due to the use of alternating current, per second will appear 50 round bright and dark stroboscopic, it will cause the sphincter pupillae kept a that eye strain, deformation, which can lead to myopia. The so-called eye, only improves the exchange frequency flash strobe, but does not mean no stroboscopic, not really eye. In addition, the traditional lamp there is radiation, UV, glare and other light pollution, the same can cause damage to the eyes, the students have long in such a table under the near distance learning, myopia is not surprising. To want to do no stroboscopic, we can choose the & ldquo; low voltage DC luminous LED fluorescent lamp & rdquo; or & ldquo; LED ball bubble lamp & rdquo. Of course, a really good health in addition to light, no flicker, also have to consider whether there is electromagnetic radiation, such as glare. Children can choose to study in the light of LED, with eye care exercise, slight myopia or can be removed. Therefore, in addition to the correct reading and writing posture, reasonable use of the eyes, parents should also give their children a LED lamp. Only everything in order to fundamentally protect the eyesight of children, gave the children a clear world.