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Allows you to quickly learn LED lamp driver matching program

From: Data:30/08/2016

With the development of the LED industry, the major manufacturers began to. Engineers only need to be based on the parameters of the customer to be equipped with good. As for how to match? The following teach you how to plan the design of the lamp. We are now in a 18 LED tube as an example, the analytical design method, then we to the most commonly used 3528 lamp LED lamp as an example, available at the beginning, because the price of space is relatively large, lamp manufacturers are using the current high consistency, high brightness LED chips, this chip current general is: 20mA; first, a calculation of power lamp: 3528 a lamp by 1 chips, voltage: 3.2V; (parallel circuit: voltage constant, total current added) if LED chip good quality: single chip current is 0.02A, then the power of a lamp is 0.02A× but 3=0.06W. LED chip the market in the actual Design: single chip current design for 0.018A (consider, so power margin) a grain of beads for 0.018A× 3.2v=0.0576w. second, we must first consider the lamp is isolated or not Isolated. Calculation of power W = voltage V× a current, so we first can estimate how much light bead: 18/0.0576=312.5 about 312 star third, we assume it is isolated and general voltage to less than 36V, namely 36/3=12 on non isolated general design for 24 on can. 312/12=26 and 312/24=13; and. In this way we will be able to initially determine the 12 two series 26 and isolation and 13 string 24 is not a separate program. Fourth, we can according to the selected drive scheme: first for the engineer with drive factory direct communication, let them get transferred to the Input Power 18W, tell them your beads on and. If the face is to sell you can tell your LED drive current and voltage of the output are as follows: the isolation scheme: voltage V=36vI=0.18*26=470MA non isolated solutions: voltage V=72vI=0.18*13=235MA fifth, worth noting is more than is ideal, but in practice often we in the design to take into account that a lot of, for example, cost, first of all we bead is the number of stars in 312 teeth, then lamp panel power has 18W, power of the lamps and lanterns certainly greater than 18W. So at this time to consider the efficiency of the drive and PF value: if the Power 18W, PF 0.95 efficiency 0.85, then we will design the PCB board according to the power supply. Methods are as follows: lamp panel power =18*0.85=15.3w and number of =15.3w/0.0576=265.6 is about 266 but consider 12 on the number of beads positioning 264 star. This is the other two programs: 12 series 22 and 11 and 24, of course, can also be 24 and 12 and 22 string 11 and as long as you isolate the voltage is less than 36V. This is also a kind of thinking of reverse design. Is generally a combination of the two. So that your work is basically completed, and the rest is the light board to open this program is good.