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How to assess the quality of LED display

From: Data:30/08/2016

a full color display quality can be mainly from the following several aspects to sign:

1. degree screen smooth surface smooth degree to & plusmn; less than 1mm, to assure that the image is not distorted, convex or concave will lead to display the visual angle of the dead. The flatness is mainly determined by the production process. Brightness and visual angle of indoor full color display brightness in the 800cd/m& sup2; above, outdoor full color brightness to 1500 cd/m& sup2; above, in order to ensure display normal work, otherwise it will because the brightness is too low and can not see the display of the image. The size of the brightness is mainly determined by the LED tube core. Visual angle of the size of the direct decision of the number of display screen, so the greater the better. The size of the visual angle is mainly determined by the packaging mode of the pipe core. 3 white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display screen. To pay attention to whether the white bluish and yellowish green color on popular green, blue three primary colors of the proportion of 1:4.6:0.16 will show out of pure white, if the proportion of the actual deviation will appear white balance deviation. White balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display screen, the core of the color of the reduction of the impact. 4 color reduction of the reduction of color is the display of the color of the reduction, both the color of the display screen and the source of color to maintain a high degree of consistency, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image. 5. There is no mosaic, dead mosaic phenomenon is appears on the display lamp or black four square, both module necrosis phenomenon, the main reason for the display of the connector quality doesn't pass. Dead is a single point appears on the display lamp or black, dead how many main by the quality of the core pipe to decide. 6. There is no color color is that there is obvious difference between adjacent module, the transition of color to module for the unit, causing color phenomenon is mainly caused by the control system is poor, the gray level is not high, scanning frequency lower. LED display common problems LED attaches great importance to the anti electrostatic measures, the following is for electrostatic and anti-static several Description: 1. electrostatic sources: the circuit influence of electrostatic origin mainly has the human body, plastic products and related equipment, which comes from the use of the environment of static power have the following: 1) objects, materials, and 2) floor, work tables and chairs 3) work clothes and packaging container 4) paint or waxing surface, organic and glass fiber materials. 5) cement floors, paint or waxing the floor, plastic floor tile or floor leather. 6) chemical fiber work clothes, non conductive work shoes, clean cotton work clothes. 7) plastic, packing box, box, bag, tray, foam plastic liner. 2 failure modes of electrostatic discharge: sudden failure and potential failure. In the electrostatic environment of failure was more than 90 potential failure, for circuit of anti electric over should capacity weakened, shortening the useful life. 3 anti-static measures: 1) on the use of electrostatic sensitive circuit personnel to carry out static knowledge and related technical training. 2) to establish the anti-static work area, in the area of the use of anti-static floor, anti-static, anti-static grounding wire and anti-static equipment, and the relative humidity control in more than 40. 3) electrostatic harm to electronic equipment may be released from the manufacturer to any place in the field of equipment. The harm is caused by the lack of adequate, effective training and equipment failure. LED is a device that is sensitive to static electricity. INGAN chips are generally considered to be “ the first ” vulnerable. And LEDS SHI &ldquo ALINGAP; second bit ” or better. 4) ESD damage to the device can show a dim, fuzzy, out, short or low VF or VR. ESD damaged equipment should not be confused with electronic overload, such as: due to the wrong current design or driver, the chip is connected to the ground or package, or the general environment induced pressure, etc.. 5) ESD security and control procedures: most electronic and electro optical company ESD are very similar, and have successfully implemented the ESD control, control and main program. These procedures because the ESD has been used to detect the quality of the results of the instrument. ISO-9000 certification also put him out as a normal control program. 4 transport and packaging in the daily operation, ESD sensitive equipment should always be stored in anti-static bag or container. This includes a detailed list of reserves, transport and WIP. The prevention of transportation, including the consumption of the fleet, the case or other equipment, such as a conductive wheel or drag link, in the delivery of ESD equipment is grounded. LED display manufacturers facing development opportunity first, although our country in the upstream LED epitaxial wafer and chip production with the United States, Japan, EU production technology has a certain gap, but due to the domestic and international market demand is very huge and end consumer market was multiple decentralized structure, is not easy to form monopoly market, which bring the enormous development opportunities to the LED downstream firms, especially for the relatively backward technology in the Chinese mainland enterprises, there is a larger space for the survival and development. Followed by the Chinese government to promote the industrialization of LED. In 2003 set up a cross national semiconductor lighting coordination leading group, started the “ national semiconductor lighting project ”. National “ 863” plans for the relevant enterprises and research institutions have also invested in the corresponding funds to support the basic research and technology research and development.