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LED City circuit lamp / high pole street lamp technical requirements

From: Data:30/08/2016

l LED lamp circuit /high pole lights

Tender No. 43/1/2013

the following technical requirements is English in two kinds of common street rod discourse annotation:

Supply of Lighting Poles

1- Supply of Lighting Poles Double Arm Polygonal with height of 12 Meter and 1 meter arm (Hot Dip Galvanized) with side opening for maintenance purpose with min length 60 cm and min width 50 cm with pole, base

arms Denggan, 12 meters high, 1 meters long arm, hot galvanized, with side opening (easy maintenance the opening size of not less than 60x50cm, Belt base.

2- Thickness of pole not less than mm and for arm not 4 less than 3 mm

lamp wall thickness not less than 4mm, the lamp arm thickness not less than 3mm

3- Base of pole not less than 20 mm

the base thickness not less than 20mm

4- Diameter of pole at base not less than mm and at top not 220 less than 76 mm

pole for the cone base diameter not less than 220mm, the top diameter of not less than 76mm

5- Withstand of speed wind 160 KM/Hr

to withstand 160 km /hour speed, such as scenery complementary lamps wind resistant design!

6- Base bolts to Hot Dip Galvanized with 8 Nos. nuts with dia. 30 mm, threaded part 15 cm

base with 8 hot galvanized bolt, bolt diameter 30mm style=, length 15cm

7- For Item 1 & 2 Base, dim. Is 40X40 cm

1 and 2, the base size is 40x40cm

8- For item 2 part of arm inside, pole not less than 50 Cm

2 products, light pole arm extends into a part of not less than 50cm

9- For item 1 & 2, Each pole must equipped with Fuse box with A breakers with 2 Nos. 6 cable gland of 4X35 mm2

1 and 2, each of the lamps Rod should be equipped with a fuse box, with two 6a of the circuit breaker and 4x35mm2 sealing joint

suppliers to provide all materials used parts of the original drawings.

12- Type of steel used (for Base ST44.2, for shaft ST52.3, Galvanized as per BS with average zinc coating not less than 85 micron)

(select steel the base to ST44.2 grade steel poles to ST52.3 grade steel, hot galvanized zinc layer meet the BS standard, the thickness of not less than 85 micron)

13- Quantities as follows: the products required number of

a- Pole Base as per drawings Qty 150 Nos.

b- Lighting pole single arm of 3 meter of 10 meter length Qty 41 Nos.

single pole, 10 meters high, 3 meters arm

c- Lighting pole with double 1 meter arm of 12 meter length Qty 200 Nos.

arms Denggan, 12 meters high, 1 meters long arm of

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