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Standard calculation method of LED display module

From: Data:30/08/2016

Xiaomei often received a customer inquiry phone told me that led display screen has a few meters long, a few meters high and asked me with what kind of GPRS control card can take. Since our wireless GPRS control card is to calculate the load limit of the display pixel point, so I will confirm the pixel point and customer. Specific specifications but some customers too familiar with the display, I used some of the specifications of LED display pixel calculation method to write down to share: the calculation method of

, a LED display module specification: the calculation method of

1 pixel spacing: each pixel to another pixel distance of each pixel it is a LED lamp [such as: PH101R] two LED light [such as: PH162R] three LED light [such as: PH162R1G]

2: the length and the height calculation method of interval of × the number = long /high

such as: PH16 =16 × length 1.6 cm =25.6 cm height;

=8 × 1.6 cm =12.8

PH10 =32 × cm length; 1 cm =32 cm height

=16 × 1 cm =16 cm

3 screen using the module number: total area ÷ die head ÷ module; height = use module number

module such as: Number 10 square PH16 outdoor monochrome LED display using

÷ is equal to 10 square meters 0.256 meters 0.128 meters; ÷ =305.17678≈ calculation method of 305

more accurate: the length of the module number × high use module number = module using the total number of

such as: 5 meters long, 2 meters high PH16 monochrome LED display module using number: long service module number =5 m ÷ 0.256 m =19.53125≈ 20

=2 ÷ module using the number of meters high 0.128 meters; =15.625& asymp; 16

using the total number of modules =20 × 16 =320

for example that there is now a complete outdoor P10 display module, a length of 4 meters, 0.5 meters in height, need to calculate how much a module of the display area How much is the pixel, so with

which GPRS wireless control.

calculation method: a piece of P10 display module size is: 32CM*16CM, pixel 32*16
1 400CM/32CM=12.5 namely, length with 12 module
job requirement:
, 50CM/16CM=3.125 namely, height of 3 pieces of module
3, the module for 12*3=36, display pixels in the region: 12*32=384 3*16=48, 384*48
4, according to the display pixels, you can use models, we LGSV7020B of GPRS control card with.

two, a LED display module and display pixel size of a single panel (for the actual parameters, press unit board manufacturer shall prevail):

module name module size display pixels

P3.75 30.4CM*15.2CM 64*32

P5.0 48.8CM* 24.4CM 64*32

P6 38.4CM*9.6CM 64*16

P7.62 48.8CM*24.4CM 64*32 (the special requirements of the module can be cut into a variety of specifications, such as the commonly used taxi car screen is: 48.8CM*11.2CM/64*16

P10 32CM*16CM 32*16