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The Buddha lighting this year to fight again LED

From: Data:31/08/2016

at the end of June last year, Foshan Lighting announcement, decided to cancel the liquidation controlled subsidiary of Guangdong Buddha shines new light source technology Co., Ltd., which is Foshan Lighting Le D strategy a major setback. However, FSL does not intend to give up the D LE market. In recently, the Canton Fair, Buddha lighting vice chairman and general manager Liu Xingming said this year the Buddha lighting development is still the focus of Le D, "le d industry is shuffling, the winner did not know."

exhibits seven or eight Chengdu is le d ShuLiao, June 28 last year, Foshan Lighting announced that said, Foshan Lighting said, due to the impact of changes in the market and technology environment, the company originally project development there is a big market risk, since its establishment has not been to the actual operation. After full consultation, the two sides decided to dissolve, the liquidation of the new light source company in Foshan. At this point, the new light source runs just over a year and two months.

new light source is a major setback for FSL's LED strategy. However, FSL did not give up LED. FSL official website in nearly half of the company's home page display module department, six rolling play photos, 5 are D LE products. The ongoing Canton Fair, vice chairman and general manager of FSL Liu Xingming also made it clear that this year the focus of the development of the Buddha lighting is E D L. "We will work with the international leading enterprises in intellectual property exchange and cooperation, and even in the right time may take the mode of mergers and acquisitions, to accelerate the pace of development of LED lighting."

FSL this year focus on the development of LED strategy, the ongoing trade can also see a little. In the Canton Fair FSL exhibition hall, sales of products is divided into four regions, the traditional lighting only occupy one of the other three regions are LED new products. Liu Xingming said that the exhibits in the Canton Fair, Chengdu is the seven or eight LED products, product development is the vast majority of their own strength."

industry is still in the fierce shuffle

for FSL will focus on the development of this year's development positioning for LED, Liu Xingming's explanation is that the D LE field is the future development trend of the light source industry. According to the international industry forecasts, by 2020, LED's market share to major general and traditional light sources, it is likely to exceed the traditional light source."

such industry analysis, for the traditional light source products based on the Buddha lighting, it is clearly a bad news. However, Liu Xingming did not have to worry about FSL's prospects. In his view, the development of the field of LED, far can not be said of the mature stage, the industry is still in the fierce shuffle among. "Due to rising raw material costs as well as increased competition, the price of LED products in the past year the entire industry dropped by 20% to 40%."

Liu Xingming said, LED also established the brand on the way, the outcome is unknown. At this year's FSL dealers annual meeting, Liu Xingming said that in 2013 and 2014 is the key to FSL's two years. "We need to strengthen the industrial upgrading, increase R & D investment, change the labor-intensive production mode."

for FSL this year's strategy, Foshan city lighting lamps association president Wu Yulin said yes. According to his analysis, as the government vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction transformation and people and businesses to communal illume domain le d products understanding gradually deepened, this L E D industry will at least 30% growth, and traditional industry will continue to shrink.

Wu Yulin said that FSL is currently transforming the traditional lighting production line into a LED production line. With its sound channels and mature marketing network, FSL now has a huge advantage in the production of downstream LED. This is different from the new light source company was dissolved last year. At that time, FSL is to enter the field of LED upstream chip production, while the chip production is not FSL's strengths.