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Frequent quality problems of LED products need to pay attention on

From: Data:31/08/2016

LED China's rapid development of the

industry, product promotion also determined to win, but in the development process is still inevitably encountered a problem, the quality of LED products are also more and more attention to the consumer.

LED quality problems are frequent, local time on January 9, the Canadian Ministry of health and the first pier import company (Pier 1 imports, Inc.) jointly announced on Chinese manufacturing indoor /outdoor wall decorative lighting device implementation of the voluntary recall. On January 16, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released the 2012 Guangdong Province LED street lamp and a light source controller product quality special supervision and inspection results. The results show that in 51 batches of LED street lamp and a light source controller checks found that 20 batches of unqualified, unqualified product discovery rate of 39.2%. In addition, the notification of substandard enterprises and products list, there are a number of companies were included in last year's “ green lighting demonstration city street lamps recommended procurement &rdquo products. According to the "daily economic news" reported, Lehman photoelectric in quality disputes, its four customers in the wake of a communication to no avail, take the joint activism. Recently, the quality of LED products in China are frequent, as LED products and quality in our country is not reliable indissoluble bound. So why does this situation happen? face the problem LED industry in China at the same time, the rapid development, but also makes the LED industry competition. Enterprises to survive in such a competition, it is necessary to increase revenue, so that products can bring more profits for the enterprise. And in the country's strong promotion, the domestic LED market continues to expand, LED applications will also be developed, the future looks like a bright. However, with the development of the market, the competition in the LED industry is also upgrading. Domestic enterprises started to improve the productivity and production efficiency and expect to reduce production costs, and foreign products of the competition and monopoly of technology, domestic led enterprises difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the development, so companies began to find ways to reduce costs. China as a result of the lack of unified standards and regulations of LED products, LED manufacturers easily can be used to reduce the quality of the products to reduce costs, enterprises can also choose to keep the price to increase profits, or is to reduce the price to occupy the market, which for enterprises to provide more diversified & ldquo; Development & rdquo;. In the LED lighting market, consumers generally do not have the relevant professional knowledge, rarely using the product parameters to select the good quality of the products, so in the purchase of such products, price is the important factors to affect the consumer. In such a case, the occupation of the consumer market is the price is so simple. At the same time, in the face of the growing market, enterprises need to occupy a piece to belong to own & ldquo; Territory & rdquo; to ensure competition in the future to maintain market, for such enterprises, with the price to occupy the belongs to own market has become particularly important. As for how to reduce the cost of products to ensure the profits of enterprises, a large part of the cost of product quality. In 2013 February 13 (the fourth day of the first month), provincial vice governor Wang Jiangping comrades braved the cold to the Spring Festival still adhere to the production of Anshun coal mine condolences to the investigation, reach the Anshun coal mine, Wang Jiangping immediately put on into the well work service directly to the underground, condolences to the production line of the commander and staff, and check the coal mining working face support, gas control and the upper corner gas, but also to understand the device of mine ventilation system, high gas and low negative pressure drainage, all kinds of security monitoring facilities & ldquo; six systems & rdquo; construction, mining equipment operation condition.