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Five: production of LED lighting products

From: Data:31/08/2016

since the ambient lighting, we put the lighting is divided as three times: filament lamps era (incandescence lamp), gas lighting era (fluorescent lamp), a semiconductor light-emitting era (LED). Among them, and with the longest history of the incandescent lamp and the future mainstream of LED, as the most important point of observation. Regardless of how the development of the times, the production process of the lighting industry has a striking similarity, nothing more than China is in the lower reaches of the industry. The core technology is basically all the countries in Europe, America and Japan.

1, LED light emitting principle, is the electron through a layer of semiconductor materials, the excitation of the semiconductor materials will be converted into light energy. However, the single layer of semiconductor light emitting ability is very weak, so many layers of material to be stacked up, similar to the one thousand layer cake pressed into the composite material, which is “ epitaxial slice ”.

so, LED's luminous efficiency is determined in the same thickness, can be pressed into the number of layers. The thinner one layer, the more the number of layers, the higher the luminous efficiency. Now generally the thickness of each layer is only 2-20 microns, which also determines the epitaxial wafer production is the most difficult part of the entire LED production process.

, cutting & mdash; mdash; LED core: equivalent to the filament out of tungsten materials, different is, after cutting the wafer is box shaped.

because of the special structure of the epitaxial wafer, it is very difficult to cut out the luminous core completely. Not only need a vacuum environment, but also a professional cutting machine. At present, there are only two factories in the world to produce this kind of cutting machine.

3, will be the core chip into the LED chip in the LED: as to the lamp bulb, is part of the power supply. “ chip ” is a very important equipment to achieve the desired effect of LED, because the LED is very high on the current requirements.

, package LED chip and a luminous body: the LED chip package to be a luminous body. As to the filament lamp holder and the lamp shade made lighting. The shape of the lamp cover can be varied according to the required, but the packaging technology determines the service life of the luminous body.

5, lighting applications: as the use of incandescent bulbs, according to different functions and needs, the assembly into different LED products. LED for

lighting, the first three steps of the epitaxial film, cutting and chip is upstream, the fourth step package is the middle reaches, the fifth step is the application of the downstream. These problems need us to use more energy to break through.