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Talking about the new idea of LED cooling technology -- the strategic article

From: Data:31/08/2016


as a new type of energy saving, environmental protection and green light source products, is bound to be the trend of future development. At present, however, LED lighting products is still inadequate, in addition to higher prices, luminous efficiency is low, the work will produce more heat, the radiator will export heat and sends to the environment, otherwise will affect the LED's life couldn't even work. , March 29, with all sorts of questions, the reporter arrived at the Westin Xiamen hotel, here is held every year term "Asia Pacific led drive technology summit - Xiamen railway station. The next will be for you to uncover the mystery of the summit. The summit focused on LED technology itself, closely around the LED driver, cooling, light source, architecture design and components supporting programs to carry out technical exchanges and communication. It is in bloom a hundred flowers contend in beauty! Also did not go to the seat, was the site of the rich atmosphere deeply attracted. The speaker is with on-site guests share LED lamp radiating technical problems, although has not been able to fully understand, but from his easy to explain, the look in the eyes of the depth of analysis, guests, feel the conductive plastic material to bring a new market. The share is in plastic new material Optoelectronics Division Project Manager Mr. Wu Bin, I have with him on a fair know each other. The new material is the development and application of new materials in the field of LED lighting. Not only provide heat conductive plastics, light diffusion materials; also provide LED radiator, light diffusion shade, optical accessories, etc.. But it is a professional and technical innovation enterprise in the field of LED. The following is part of Mr. Wu Bin's explanation: first, we understand the factors that affect the junction temperature of LED lamps. According to our experience, the following summarizes the influencing factors of LED junction temperature, for reference: 1 LED lamp board LED lamp power: the greater the power Wen Yuegao chip luminous efficiency: the same power, chip luminous efficiency is high, heat less, lower junction temperature and distribution: the same amount of power, aluminum plate is bigger, more light, more uniform distribution of junction temperature is lower 2 LED aluminum plate and the radiator (thermal resistance between aluminum plate and radiator) - aluminum: aluminum base and a radiator connected directly than aluminum plate with aluminum plate (such as aluminum plate is too small, can not be directly connected with the radiator, and aluminum the junction temperature of LED) and is connected with the radiator is low; aluminum, aluminum plate surface roughness better junction temperature lower connection: in case of mechanical connection to apply a small amount of conductive silicon Fat, the LED junction temperature generally low. Radiator, heat sink thermal resistance is small LED junction temperature is lower. Ambient temperature, environment temperature, the lower the LED junction temperature is also lower from the above factors can be seen to reduce the junction temperature of LED lamps, the first step is to select suitable for the lamp board, under the same power, chip LED luminous efficiency is high, the heat generated when the work is less and less, so try to use high luminous efficiency of the chip was fabricated by the lamp panel. Under the lamp plate and the driven power, except for the optimization of connection mode, the main factors affect the LED junction temperature is selected the thermal resistance of the heat sink size, the thermal resistance of the heat sink is small, LED junction temperature is low, the service life of the lamp longer. A heat sink thermal resistance factors above have been carried out in detail, the user can according to their actual requirements and radiator manufacturers to communicate, through reasonable analysis and their own experience, it is best to establish a set of reasonable mathematical model design a more suitable for LED radiator products.