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Guangdong in 2013 the new installation of LED street lights will exceed 1 millio

From: Data:31/08/2016

the Guangdong Provincial People's government website news, recently the Guangdong Provincial Government in Guangzhou held province LED lighting technology and products to promote the application of joint meeting, informed of the LED lighting products to promote the application of work, study and solve problems existing in the process of popularization and application, the deployment of the next step.

it is understood, as of now, the province's total promotion of the use of street LED nearly 80 million lights, LED indoor lighting products more than 200 million lights, the sections of the model more than 10000 kilometers, demonstration scale and the progress of construction in the country among the best. Is expected in 2013 the new installation of LED street lights more than 1 million 100 thousand, will set off a new round of popularization and application of the boom. LED Guangdong province and other regions to promote the application of

boom set off, is expected to accelerate the development of the LED industry. Orient Securities research report pointed out that with the policy to stimulate the LED sector is expected to usher in a turning point in the performance, the industry has a larger upward space. Concerned about the performance of the proposed inflection point is gradually emerging out of related companies, such as Hongli photoelectric [-4.21% Funds Research Report], Mao Shuo power [2.23% Funds Research Report], the sun lighting [1.02% Funds Research Report] and so on.