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LED lighting prices will be equivalent to energy-saving lamps

From: Data:31/08/2016

known as the service life of up to 10 years LED lighting is more than 4 times the efficiency of energy-saving lamps, and more energy saving, no mercury pollution, but because the price is more expensive than the energy-saving lamps, so that ordinary people. Don't worry, reporter learned from the 2013 cross-strait Lighting Procurement docking and information conference, the year after next, LED lights will to energy-saving lamps and considerable price & ldquo; flying into home of common common people & rdquo.

yesterday, the 2013 cross-strait Lighting Procurement docking and information conference held at the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition center. From Europe and the United States, & ldquo; BRIC countries & rdquo; and the Middle East countries 16 international buyers site issued a purchase demand, nearly a hundred exhibitors, both sides of the well-known enterprises face to face docking procurement. At the same time, some companies are also on the release of the latest products, technical information at home and abroad. One day yesterday, the two sides reached about $60 million in intention to purchase orders.

insiders, LED lighting is decided that the popularity of parity. In the future, LED lighting also will be more intelligent, people to light, people walk the light and dark, or even automatically according to light sooner or later poor light regulation, according to seasonal changes, adjust the temperature, healthy and comfortable intelligent lighting is not far away from you.

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