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The common quality problems and solutions in the production of LED package

From: Data:31/08/2016

The common quality problems and solutions in the production of

LED package

Shenzhen Shang Ding compilation: in the production of LED package, there are some quality problems in the basic package will be more or less. In this paper on these issues to make a summary, and its commonly used solutions are introduced.

LED package in common issues: yellow LED, led bubble, LED stent rubber crawler, LED packaging short roast from the mold after long roasted color, coloring phenomenon or gel time is not a, uneven quality, is not easy to demoulding, color of the products are not the same.

a, LED yellow change, for three reasons, 1, baking temperature is too high or too long; 2, LED stent oxidation; 3, with the ratio of glue, A glue more easily yellow.

solutions: 1, AB glue in the 120-130 degrees /30-40 minutes for curing demolding, more than 150 degrees or long baking time will turn yellow; 2, LED stent by ultra fast humidity industrial moistureproof box moisture-proof anti oxidative storage; 3, is gum ratio.

two, LED bubbles, reasons: 1, the bowl of bubbles: poor stent dip. 2, stent bubble: curing temperature is too high, the epoxy curing is too intense. 3, crack plastic, blasting top: curing time is short, epoxy resin curing incomplete or uneven. AB can be used beyond time. 4, the lamp surface bubble are: epoxy users use vacuum deaeration difficult or not, with glue too long.

solutions: according to the use of the situation, to improve the process or contact with the epoxy suppliers, in addition, attention to the support of the industrial moisture tank storage.

three, LED stent climb glue, this is mainly the incoming material support or ab. Such as the rugged surface of stent, hair phenomenon; ab containing volatile materials etc..

four, LED package after the short bake off the mold long bake discoloration, this aspect mainly for the photoelectric bake oven problem. Therefore, we need to pay attention to, 1, bake oven is stacked too dense, leading to poor ventilation; 2, bake oven temperature is not uniform, the local temperature is too high; 3, bake oven is the presence of color and dirt impurities.

five, the same row bracket lamp, part of a coloring phenomenon or a gel time, uneven quality. At this time need to pay attention to the problem of mixing glue. Six,

is not easy to release, this time may be the AB storage quality problems, or fails to reach the hardness curing glue. If it is the hardness of the hardness, it is necessary to confirm the curing temperature and time.

seven, plus a lot of the same dose of color agent, but the product is not the same color. The main reason is the concentration of the color agent is not uniform, or storage precipitation. Solution is to color agent heating, stirring and then use.

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