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LED light driven power supply actual combat experience

From: Data:31/08/2016

in recent years the development of LED lamp encapsulation technology and heat dissipation technology, stability of the LED lamp has reached a good level, brightness and color drift is mainly some cottage manufacturers of products, the main reason is the unreasonable design of the cooling. Relatively LED lamp driving power to serious is cause dead lights or flashes the main reason, that is to say, the LED lamp driving power supply has become a short board LED lamp quality. According to the theory of barrel, LED lamp driving power supply is the life of LED lamp life.

and the current LED lamp failure is mainly in the power supply, so the main is to solve the power problem. Due to the LED source is the lack of a mandatory uniform standards, market power independently, single channel, multi-channel, size is not a, it is difficult to replace. With the emergence of market large power LED street light, LED tunnel lamp, LED drive power failure frequently, coupled with LED lamp driver with built-in design, often resulting in LED lamp power supply maintenance difficulties, coupled with the lack of after-sales maintenance service parts manufacturers, so owners complain sound a vehicle, after the media hype caused public misunderstanding of LED lights, affects the LED industry reputation. 1

, give up more than 4 output, the development of a single or two output, to give up the large current and large current, the development of small current.

output channels more and more complex, current interference between the different way to solve the cost is very high, if not solve the fault rate is higher. Also the number of outputs of more is the total output current is greater, whereas the current is the main reason for fever, voltage itself does not directly cause fever, simply send the square of the heat and current is proportional to, is to say, the current is increased to 2 times the original words, calorific value will be increased to four times the original, current is increased to three times the original, calorific value will increase to 9 times the original. In summary, the single or two output LED lamp power supply failure rate will be reduced a lot.

2, intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps, and the power is the key to intelligent control.

intelligent control on the LED lamp, LED tunnel lamp lighting application conditions most mature had the most obvious effect, intelligent control can in different time periods, according to the density of the traffic flow on the road to realize stepless control for lamp power, which satisfies the application requirements and achieve great energy-saving effect, can save a lot of money for highway administrative unit. The application of the tunnel lighting can not only save energy, but also can automatically adjust the brightness of the tunnel entrance and exit according to the brightness of the tunnel, providing the driver with a visual over stage to ensure driving safety. 3

, give up high power, super power, select the high stability of small and medium power supply.

because the greater the power, the greater the heat, the inside of the parts are more compact, is not conducive to heat, and the temperature is the culprit of the power supply failure. In addition, the relatively mature development of small power supply, stability and cost have the advantage. In fact, many large power supply solutions have not been verified by time and practice, are in a hurry to start the project, are experimental products, so the failure of an endless stream. In contrast to the development of small and medium power power due to the earlier, more mature technology program. 4

, heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of the power failure.

not only the power supply itself may have a fever, the lamps will be fever, the two heat source how to reasonably distribute out lamp design engineer must consider the problem, be sure to prevent heat of excessive concentration of the formation of heat island effect, affecting the life of power supply. Using separate power supply scheme is a good choice. 5

, the feasibility of maintenance. The fault of

power supply can not be avoided completely, and Chengdu has put forward the principle of maintaining simplicity in the light of the moon. Only the replacement power with conventional lighting light source replaced so simple can be users happy, even when the power is broken, the mood is not too bad, and users in a good mood or bad mood determines the fate of the LED lamp manufacturers. 6

, protection performance.

protection is also very important, the penetration of moisture may be caused by power supply circuit, on the shell of the dust will affect the power of heat exposure will lead to the aging of the high temperature and wire and other components, from practical experience, a rotary plug connection failure rate is higher, the majority of failure caused by leakage.

7, modular design. Has become the current trend to

modular design of the, must want to approach the integration of module power supply. If the supply can use plug solving maintenance problems, will by the user's welcome, also need to be established a standardized interface, so that different manufacturers led lamp power to general.