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Application of wireless LED display control card

From: Data:31/08/2016

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(a), LED display control cards system. The

1, with the screen play text, 2D /3D animation, video, broadcast mode is flexible, easy to operate.

2, with PC channel control and hardware synchronous mapping two ways of working. PC channel control mode to support the electronic screen arbitrary specifications, type of information display and program playback; hardware synchronous mapping method to support the electronic screen and computer VGA synchronous display. Content that is VGA display (such as text, animation, multimedia video) can be displayed in the LED electronic screen at the same time, provide 4 video input signal (which containing S-Video signal), VCD/LD/VIDEO/TV or other equipment NTSC /PAL signal can be directly barge is connected to the control host, brightness, contrast, color saturation, the volume can be adjusted.

(2), LED control cards system performance

1, display screen | in design and production will give full consideration to the local characteristics of the climate and environment, in order to improve the reliability of the products, the company to ensure that components in the rated temperature range of use, big screen has good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, and with dust, salt spray proofing, mildew, anti - static, lightning etc. function.

2, high standard LED display control card system:

A, the international first-class level of gray control technology, with 4096 gray level display ability and video noise reduction processing.

B, with 300HZ display scanning frequency.

3 and stable high quality display function:

has many years of experience in the development of software and hardware, in the video receiving circuit, storage circuit, high speed read write circuit, a display screen control card system scanning circuit of anti-jamming processing, to ensure that the signal is not interfered.

A, screen can be connected through the network, remote control, easy to use.

B, the signal transmission cable uses the special-purpose computer communication cable, realizes the computer and the screen synchronization communication.

C, words can play a variety of text for a variety of fonts, shape and different text information, but also to achieve page, move, rotate, snow, roll screen, flashing, etc.dozen display.

D, computer image information: can play the different formats of graphics, image files. Such as: BMP, TGA, TEXT, GIF, etc..

E, animation: play with ANIMATORPRO, 3dstudio software second, 3D animation, and support the use of compression card avi signal collection, the software package with a convenient interface, rich library of materials, form library and advanced rendering techniques, high quality 3D animation, advertising creative become reality.

LED (3) of display control card screen is LED control card manufacturers of professional construction of hundreds of pieces of large LED display in system features

Beijing Yu wind times information technology limited company, to show the system requirements and key technologies in-depth research and design has many unique features. Integrated outdoor screen display system's advanced nature, reliability, particularity of the requirements, in the technical focus on solving the following key issues, the overall goal is to achieve the international first-class level.

(1) - y correction

kinescope CRT luminescent brightness and control signal voltage? Time is proportional to the square of, namely B=Ke? (?> 1), so the video signal source is after the pre correction. Gray LED is light duty ratio control of, its brightness and driving signal into a linear relationship, the video signals are after? Pre correction, if directly for TV video signal sent to the LED display, will cause serious distortion of LED display gray, so our company of LED large screen display system for anti correction to eliminate distortion.

(2) noise reduction processing

due to quantization noise transmission medium to bring the noise and the analog digital conversion, greatly affected the display of the video display, we must take some of the noise reduction measures. Our company with large-scale programming integrated circuit developed is recursive and median filtering and the LED control card system, better improve the full color screen video viewing.

(3) to eliminate the mosaic phenomenon of

for all LED light-emitting tube brightness, the entire screen with a file of the tube.