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LED packaging manufacturing process and related matters needing attention

From: Data:31/08/2016

one. We can make the specific manufacturing process LED package is divided into the following steps:

1 cleaning steps: the use of ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED stent, and drying.

2. Rack steps: in LED tube core at the bottom of the electrode prepared on the Ag colloid expansion, will expand the tube core placed on the thorn crystal, in under a microscope with a thorn crystal pen tube core a a installed on the PCB or LED corresponding pads, followed by sintering the silver adhesive.

3 pressure welding procedure: using aluminum wire or wire welding machine to connect the electrodes to the LED core, to make the current injection of the lead. LED directly installed on the PCB, the general use of aluminum wire welding machine. 4 step:

package by dispensing with epoxy, LED tube core and welding line protection. Glue on the PCB board, there are strict requirements on solidified colloid shape, which is directly related to the brightness of backlight source products. This process will also take on the task of fluorescent powder.

5 welding procedure: if the backlight is the use of SMD-LED or other packaged LED, then in the assembly process, the need to weld the PCB to the LED board.

6 film cutting steps: using the punch die cutting back light source required for a variety of diffusion film, reflective film, etc..

7 assembly steps: according to the requirements of the drawings, the backlight source of a variety of materials to manually install the correct position.

8 test steps: check the back light source photoelectric parameters and the uniformity of the light is good.

9 packaging steps: the finished product in accordance with the requirements of packaging, warehousing.

/> 2. The following are the LED beads package specific flow chart:

in every detail of LED lamp beads packaging production process must be strictly controlled and detailed elaboration on the top of the flow chart below:

1, first of all is the LED chip inspection /p>

(1) microscopic examination: whether the material surface mechanical damage and hemp dot hemp pit, LED chip electrode size and size meets technological requirements; electrode pattern is complete

2, expanding machine of the expansion piece


LED in support of the corresponding dispensing point silver glue or insulating rubber. The difficulty lies in the control of the dispensing process, in the process of colloidal height, dispensing position are detailed. Because of the strict requirement of the storage and use of the silver and the insulation, the awakening, stirring and the use time of the silver colloid are all the matters that must be paid attention to in the process.


and glue dispensing instead, gum is compound prepared firstly rouged to silver glue coated on the LED on the back electrode, and then put back with a silver colloid LED mounted on the LED bracket. The preparation efficiency is much higher than the glue dispensing, but not all products are suitable for preparation of rubber technology.

5, hand thorn

LED chip will be expanded after the placement of the LED chip in the clamp, the LED stent under the clamp, under the microscope with a needle to the corresponding position of a needle. Hand thorn and automatic racking than a benefit, is convenient for replacement at any time on different chips, apply to need to install a variety of chip products.

6, automatic rack mounting

7, sintering

sintering is the purpose of the silver gel curing, sintering requirements for temperature monitoring, to prevent the batch of bad. The sintering temperature of silver colloid is generally controlled at 150 degrees Celsius, and the sintering time is 2 hours. According to the actual situation can be adjusted to 170 degrees, 1 hours. Insulation rubber generally 150 degrees Celsius, 1 hours.

silver plastic sintering oven must be according to the technological requirements of 2 hours to open the replacement of sintered products, the middle shall not be free to open. Sintering oven shall not be used for other purposes, to prevent pollution.

8, the purpose of

pressure welding pressure welding to lead to the LED chip, the completion of the product inside and outside the wire connection. The pressure welding technology of LED has two kinds of gold wire ball welding and aluminum wire pressure welding. Pictured to the right is the process of aluminum wire bonding, first in the LED chip electrode pressure on the first point, aluminum wire to the corresponding to the top of the bracket, pressure on the second point after tensile aluminum wire. Gold wire ball welding process is before the first point to burn a ball, and the rest of the process is similar to the. Pressure welding is the key link in the LED packaging technology, the main need to monitor the process is the pressure welding wire shape, the shape of the solder joint, pull. The pressure welding process of in-depth research involves many aspects, such as wire material, ultrasonic power, pressure welding pressure, selection of capillary, capillary motion and so on.


LED dispensing package package include dispensing, potting, molding three. The difficult point of the basic process control is the bubbles, the lack of material, the black spot. Design is mainly on the selection of materials, use a combination of good epoxy and stents. The general situation of TOP-LED and Side-LED for dispensing package. Manual dispensing package level of operation requirement is very high, the main difficulty is the dispensing amount control, because the epoxy in the use process will thicken. White LED also causes the dispensing color light precipitate fluorescent powder.


Lamp-LED packaging glue package with potting form. Potting process is first in led the molding cavity injection of liquid epoxy, then insert the pressure welding LED stent, into the oven and let the epoxy curing, led from the mold cavity prolapse is formed.

11, molded package

12, curing and post curing

curing is to refer to the curing of the epoxy resin. The curing conditions are 135 degrees C and 1 hours. Molded packages generally at 150 degrees, 4 minutes.

13, after curing

curing is in order to let the epoxy fully cured, while the thermal aging of LED. Post curing is very important for improving the bonding strength of epoxy and support. General conditions are 120 degrees, 4 hours.

14, cut tendons and dicing

15, test LED test

photoelectric parameters, test the size of the external dimensions, and according to customer requirements for LED products sorting.

16, packaging

to count the finished product packaging. Which ultra bright LED needs anti-static packaging.

to Admiral LED lamp to the lamp of a series of manufacturing steps said very clearly, and any things are not so simple, need our own hands-on implementation, because the production of LED lamp is a very fine work, need the outside environment is not static, or gold destroyed. The final factory inspection is also very important. The following simple from about several aspects introduce in LED packaging production how to do ESD: electrostatic protection in the <: LED is a semiconductor device, the electrostatic sensitive, especially for white, green, blue, purple led to do a good job in the prevention of electrostatic generation and elimination of electrostatic.

1. Electrostatic mainly has three kinds: (1)

(2) induction electric: for the purposes of conducting material, due to electronic energy in its activities of free surface, as will be placed in an electric field, due to same-sex repulsion, opposites attract, positive and negative ions will be transferred, in its surface will generates an electrical charge.

(3) conduction: for conductive materials, the electron energy in its surface free activities, such as contact with charged objects, the charge transfer will occur.

2, electrostatic hazard to LED:

in particular, to pay attention to the static electricity on the LED package itself, there are a lot of harm.

(1) because of the transient electric field or current generated heat, so that the LED local injuries, the performance of the leakage current increase rapidly, but still work, but the brightness is reduced (white light will change color), the life is damaged.

(2) because of the electric field or current damage to the LED of the edge layer, so that the device can not work (complete destruction), the performance of dead lights, is not bright.

3 elimination measures:

in the entire process (production, testing, packaging, etc.) all employees directly in contact with the LED to do a good job to prevent and eliminate static measures.

mainly has: (1) the working platform is the anti-static work platform, the production machine ground is good.

(2) workshop floor and ground floor.

(3) operator wear anti-static clothing, anti-static hand ring, gloves or foot ring.

(4) packaging using anti-static materials.

(5) by ion fan, welding electric iron good grounding measures.

above information is simply the LED package production process and the general introduction of the matters needing attention, hope to help you.