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LED lighting has become a new trend

From: Data:31/08/2016

in recent years, the rise of the lamps and lanterns market, a LED energy-saving lamps boom. However, there is a certain gap between the various types of LED lighting price, and product quality is also uneven in quality. LED lights, has become a new trend on the market more than lighting sales shop found, although many lighting store of energy-saving lamps still slightly dominant, but in most sales ordinary lamp store or hardware store, LED lighting has and energy-saving lamps in equal status and purchase buy LED lights on the consumer is gradually rising trend. During the interview, a number of lamps and lanterns store sales staff said, LED lighting is a new type of products, and energy-saving lamps compared to better lighting, more energy saving, longer service life. “ for example, a 20 Watt LED lamp, it is brighter than the 40 Watt energy-saving lamps, but also can save more than half of the power consumption. ” a lamp sales staff in emerging markets. It is understood that the current market LED light source has almost covered all the light source needs of the home. In the interview process seen in the lamp store sales, lamp, ceiling lamp, crystal pendant lamp, table lamp, Nightlight, common household lamps and lanterns have led products. “ now on the market a number of lamps and lanterns store LED lights account for more and more large, it should be a new trend. We have about half of the store LED lighting. And consumers buy LED lighting this year, much higher than last year. ” lamp seller Ms. Yang said. LED lamp price gap, quality varies in the interview urban much home lighting sales shop noticed, basically every businesses have different brands of LED lighting products sales, and between different products prices also exist bigger difference. With a 4 watt LED lamp as an example, the price ranging from five or six yuan to seventy or eighty yuan, or even up to 100 yuan. I asked the business price differences between the reasons for such a large, the merchant said, “ quality is not the same, the lighting effects and life expectancy is also different. & rdquo; subsequently, businesses were out of the 50 yuan, 15 yuan and 7 yuan led spotlights were compared, the three lights were to take in hand, were significantly different in weight, 50 yuan LED spotlight significantly heavier than the other. “ the lamp starter is not the same, the work gap is also very easy to see. & rdquo; lamps and lanterns vendors Ms. Wang said & ldquo; your lamp light to softer, not glare, using a different life, cheaper by half a year after the light may be will darken. ” at the same time, Ms. Wang pointed at the entrance of a LED ceiling lamp, said, “ price is different, LED light spot intensity is also different. The suction dome light at around 200 yuan, it is very dense light, basic is one by one, and the outside there is a layer of protective film, the heat is also very good. But the price of tens of dollars or so, open the lid, there is little light, and is directly exposed to the outside, there is no film protection. & rdquo; interview, for the service life of the products, the majority of businesses mostly propaganda say & ldquo; use time in 1 million & mdash; 30000 hours, but with corresponding and provide warranty period generally in 1— about 2 years. In this way, the LED lighting lamp life seems to be a “ concept ”.